Legal charade

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I suppose in truth it is no surprise.  Another court date has come and gone for convicted Basilian molester Father William Hodgson Marshall (yes – sad to say, he’s still very much a priest).  Another date set.  04 March 2013.  10 am.  Courtroom # 10.  To enter a guilty plea.

This nonsense has been going on since last January!  The Saskatoon charges were packed off to Ontario with the agreement or understanding or whatever that Hod would enter a guilty plea.

Well, four court dates later, and, ….no guilty plea.

There was 20 July, and 04 September, and 16 October, and today, 31 October.  No guilty plea.

What exactly does it take that I don’t understand to enter a guilty plea?  I am truly lost.  This makes not one tittle of sense.

Why are the Basilians allowing this charade to continue?  Why do they pay Andrew Brady to torment the victims by dragging this out?

Why does Hod not do the right thing and instruct Brady that: “I want to enter my plea right now and bring this to a merciful end for my victims?” But, no, what we hear from Mr. Brady is that “[Father Marshall] wants to put all this behind him so he’ll be coming here in March [to enter a guilty plea].”

Does he even have it in him to think in those terms?

If Hod really and truly wants to put all this behind him why no guilty plea last January?  Why, if he wants to put it behind him,  is he dragging it out?

And perhaps someone would be kind enough to tell Father Marshall that his victims will never put it behind them.  And they might also at the same time tell him it would be wise not to put it behind him – someday he will have to face and answer to his Maker – better perhaps that he spend the rest of his days recalling his crimes and in constant prayer for his victims, those who have come forward and those who have not

I really do wonder if Hod or the Basilians have thought about the victims?  For example, will the victims from Saskatoon be flown down to face their molester in court on o4 March 2013?  They should be, should they not?  I think too that whoever decided it would be a good idea to transfer the charges to Ontario should pick up the costs. It may be convenient for the Basilians, Hod and Mr. Brady to have the charges handled in Ontario, but,  what about the Saskatoon victims?  Should there not be a just a teeny weeny  little thought about them?  I trust they will be in Windsor in March.  I encourage them to  ensure that they can see this through to the end in a court of law – even if that court is in Windsor, Ontario.

Did you watch the video?  Did you hear Mr. Brady?  I don’t know what to think of his comment regarding Hod living with the Basilians: “These are the people who he loves and who love him.”

A strange comment?  No?

Anyway, all not surprising, but disappointing.

And then there’s Jerry and Cathy 🙂

How wonderful to see both of you there in that video clip.   Both of you there to see justice done the legal system at work, and both there to keep tabs on what is happening in this convoluted case.

You spoke well Jerry 🙂 Your presence, and Cathy’s, will I am sure mean a lot to the victims in Saskatoon who must watch this legal charade play out from afar.

Enough for now,


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  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         Thanks Sylvia. So very well said!!!!     Mike.

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