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Father William Hodgson Marshall has a court date at 09:30 am in Windsor, Ontario tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 16 October 2012).  This is yet another court-date regarding the February sex abuse charges from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which were transferred to Ontario that same month.

Here we are, eight months later, and absolutely nothing has happened.  This surely could have been taken care of so easily while Hod was behind bars in Joyceville?  It wasn’t.  Hod is out now  – he probably spent Thanksgiving with his Basilian confreres?  He spent the total of 16 months behind bars for the sex abuse of 17 of his victims.  That in and of itself is a sweet deal.  There was also the  ‘sweet deal’ that came with his guilty plea: no further charges will be laid against Hod  in Ontario!

But, the arm of the sweet deal did not extend to Saskatchewan.

That’s why it seems strange indeed that the Sask. charges were transferred to Ontario.

According to John MacDonald, the Crown said that Hod’s only option in relation to those charges here in Ontario is to enter a guilty plea.  If, for example, Hod decides to deny and take it to trial to prove his innocence – the files go back top Saskatchewan and it is dealt with there.

So why, after eight long months, has Hod not entered a guilty plea?  How are ‘they’ getting away with this?

Tomorrow’s court date is to “possibly” set a date for resolution.

What does that mean?  Can there be any resolution other than a guilty plea?

Anyway, tomorrow it is.

I encourage those withing driving distance to attend. Be there for the Saskatoon complainants who are probably denied the small ‘pleasure’ of facing this man in court.  Be there to become familiar with the process.  Be there to let the judge and lawyers know that people are watching and paying close attention.  Be there to support and encourage each other.

As always, please pass on any news of the outcome.  And, as always, please keep the complainants and Hod’s many victims -and their families- in your prayers.  Pray too for the many Roman Catholics who were so sorely betrayed by this wold in sheep’s clothing.


Those in the Ottawa area, mark your calendars.  Father Joe LeClair has a court date on Wednesday morning:  08:30 am, courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse.


The Father Philip Jacobs voire dire is ongoing.  There is a publication ban on all evidence and testimony so we don’t know what is happening.  The voire dire should be wrapped up by Wednesday.  There is a possibility that a new trial date will be set.  We will have to just wait and see what the judge has to say.


Premier Dalton McGuinty has resigned and plans to prorogue parliament.  There is no news yet as to the real reason for his resignation.  I can’t say that I’m sorry to see Premier McGuinty go, but I am saddened to think that this means there will probably be not a thing done about the Father Jose Silva fiasco for many months to come.


Office is in state of chaos, but, bathroom finished today 🙂

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