“Wrap it in old stinky underwear…”

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Small wonder we get upset.  Look at this:

25 September 2012: “Priest linked to sex abuse in US, expelled by Dominicans” & related article

This Philippine-born former Dominican sexually molested two boys in Los Angeles, claimed one of the boys “not only seduced” but “also raped” him, claimed the boys ‘obtained sex, cocaine, marijuana and money from him by threatening to accuse him of abuse,’ and, when he was reported, fled the country for his native land.

Father Garcia was welcomed home with open arms.  He is now a prominent fixture in the Archdiocese of Cebu. He has been awarded the title “Monsignor.”  Cebu’s Cardinal Ricardo Vidal has allowed Garcia to form a monastic religious society (The Society of the Angel of Peace) where this molester “oversees a chapel, a children’s Sunday school program and a squad of altar boys.”

And, oh yes, ….Monsignor Garcia was featured in a recent edition of the National Geographic explaining how to smuggle ivory into the United States i.e., “Wrap it in old, stinky underwear and pour ketchup on it.”

I cringe when I look at that picture of those young vested  lads alongside “Monsignor Cristobal Garcia.”

Cardinal Vidal is no longer Cardinal-Archbishop of Cebu. He resigned October 2010 – beyond retirement age .  As of 13 January 2011 the new Archbishop of Cebu is Jose S. Palma.

The fact that Garcia is still functioning in the archdiocese seems to indicate that Palma has no more problem with Garcia functioning as a priest and being around children than did his predecessor. Palma is currently the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

I suppose a fair question to ask is: Does Palma know of Garcia’s past?

I personally have trouble believing that he hasn’t heard.  Priests and bishops do talk.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the archbishop will be taken aback to learn that Garcia is very publicly giving tips on the ins and outs of smuggling ivory out of the country?

We shall see.  Remember, Garcia allegedly comes from an extremely wealthy family.

Anyway, there he is in 2005 –  Monsignor Garcia, large as life, flanked by those trusting young lads, – and a woman observing in the background.  Is one of those boys her son?  Does she know why Garcia high-tailed it back to Cebu in 1985?  I wonder.  I doubt it.

This is shades of the Society of St. John.  The Society was suppressed in Scranton Pennsylvania, then given safe harbour in Paraguay by Opus Dei Bishop Livieres.  Bishop Livieres has allowed the SSJ to ‘resurrect’ in Paraguay.  He allows two predatory priests to sashay around his diocese as ‘friends of the Society.’

The SSJ in Paraguay is, I am told, in charge of an orphanage.  Bishop Livieres allegedly chooses to believe the SSJ members are without spot or wrinkle.

I will continue posting documents on the SSJ, Father Carlos Urrutigoity and Eric Ensey to ensure that everyone can get the truth about these recycled wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Enough for now,


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1 Response to “Wrap it in old stinky underwear…”

  1. Cyril North says:

    *Wonderful how you are able to uncover all these disgusting cases of paedophiles still being re-cycled within the church by the hierarchy, despite all the revelations that have been made up to this time.

    It shows the corruption is systemic and not a case of a few rotten apples, as Ratzinger would have us believe.

    I quit the institutional church because I saw how rotten it was, thirty-six years ago.   Back then most catholics would not have believed it was as bad as I saw it was.     Now, all is being revealed, for everyone to see.    I am very happy.

    Keep digging.

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