Another ‘Tut Tut Bad Boy’

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Well, I missed it!  Yesterday Basilian priest Father Kenneth O’Keefe entered a “Guilty” plea in an Ottawa courtroom.  The last I knew was that yesterday was to be a pre-trial hearing – today I pick up the paper and discover that O’Keefe entered a guilty plea:

07 September 2012: “Aging priest sentenced to house arrest for sex assault on student ” & related articles

The mainstream media was present and therefore aware of the change.  I am disappointed beyond words that I wasn’t in the courtroom to see Father O’Keefe, to hear the victim impact statement and to hear what was said by the Crown, Andrew Bradie and the judge.

Yet again defence lawyer Andrew Bradie did his job.  O’Keefe will not see one single day behind bars.  A nine month conditional sentence ( Six months of the nine under house arrest at the Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre in Toronto.)  That’s it.  ‘Tut, tut Father O’Keefe.  Bad boy.’

It sounds as though, according to Bradie, it’s the alcohol which was the problem.  And, according to Bradie, O’Keefe stopped drinking and hasn’t committed another offense since he molested that boy.

How does Bradie know that O’Keefe never laid a wayward hand on another boy in nearly 40 years?  Because O’Keefe told him?  How foolish pray tell does that sound?  A priest who has spent forty years living a lie said he hasn’t molested another child in 40 years?!!  We are to believe that?  Not only that, we are told that Father O’Keefe suffers from dementia.  If indeed he suffers from dementia how can he member what he did or did not do for 40 years?  How, for that matter, how is he even capable of remembering that he sexually molested that poor boy?

And a letter from former Mayor Marion Dewar praising this Basilian priest was put forth as kudos for this Basilian priest?  Marion Dewar, a well-known abortion rights advocate who, as an NDP MP consistently voted pro-abortion, is now used by the courts as a reliable judge of a priest’s ‘good’  character?

According to Justice Ratushny, O’Keefe “succumbed” to paedophilia ‘aided presumably by his consumption of alcohol.”

What is this?  Poor Father O’Keefe.  It wasn’t his fault.  He couldn’t help himself.  The alcohol made him do it?

And Ratushny agreed with the psychiatrist’s report that O’Keefe is a very low risk to reoffend.

I would think that Father Kenneth O’Keefe was considered a very low – if not no –  risk to offend in the first place?  Did a single soul back in the 70s think he would molest a boy?  I doubt it.  That made no difference did it?  He molested a boy.  They were wrong.  I will add that, if this is based in part on his age, there have been examples in the media recently of priests in their golden years who proved priests of that age can be quite capable of sexually abusing a child or young person.

Note that the abuse happened in 1974 while Father O’Keefe was teaching at St. Pius X High School in Ottawa, and that the victim’s called the school principal the day after the boys was abused.  Nothing was done.

I am trying to sort out dates and places here to determine who the principal was.  My research indicates that Father O’Keefe taught at St. Joseph’s High School in Ottawa and transferred to Pius X when St. Joe’s closed its doors in 1975.  Can anyone clarify this?

I believe that regardless of dates the Principal at Pius X at the time who was told and did nothing would have been Father Len Lunney?  Is that correct?

Anyway, I am sure it is nothing short of a relief for the victim and his family that two years down-stream his molester finally decided to admit he, O’Keefe,  did indeed commit the dastardly deed.

Strange is it not that no judge ever chastises these molesters – and their lawyers! – for putting their victims through Hell on earth while they twiddle and think and bargain and scratch their heads trying to decide if they will or will not enter a guilty plea?

Bottom line, he is guilty.  He admits it.  Nearly forty years after the fact, he admits his guilt.  And, another charge looming across the river in Gatineau.  I will have to see what I can find out about that one.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victim and his family.  You went to police and saw it through to the bitter end.  Thanks to your courage we now know what Father Kenneth O’Keefe is – a child molester: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

That’s now two priest/teachers from St. Pius X convicted.  Father William Allen was convicted April 2011.

Enough for now,


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5 Responses to Another ‘Tut Tut Bad Boy’

  1. Sylvia says:

    Yes, I have been told by a relaible source, the Principal at St. Pius X was Father Len Lunney.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

        Sylvia, thanks for the update. Do you know if Fr. L. Lunney is any relation to a former priest of Fitzroy Harbour? I believe he would have been Fr. Michael Lunney. Thanks.   Mike

  3. Sylvia says:

    There were three Lunneys who became priests Mike:  Len, William (Bill) and Ed.  It was Father Len who was at St. Michael’s in Fitzroy Harbour – not sure offhand of the years, but, he was there. Father Len is the only one of the three still alive.  I have heard he is now in poor health.

  4. mark billesberger says:

    I think the dates are mixed up. I attended St. Joseph’s Secondary School (off Carling Ave) in 1972-1974 and Ken O’Keefe was teaching there

  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks mark. That accords with my research which put him at St. Joe’s from 1959 to 1975 when the school closed its doors.

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