Was anyone held criminally accountable?

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I have just posted the page on former Christian Brother Douglas Kenny.

Kenny was Superintendent at Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s Newfoundland from 1971-1976 and, in fact was the man in charge when the first police investigation into allegations of sex abuse of the boys by Christian Brothers at the school were squelched in 1975.  Kenny’s name was amongst those accused and several of his victims were interviewed by police.  He was finally charged in 1989 when the investigation was re-opened.

In 1976, on the heels of the prematurely concluded investigation and the sex abuse allegations against him,  Kenny was shipped off to Rome for “spiritual renewal.”  Then, believe it or not, Kenny was shipped off to teach at Vancouver College, British Columbia.

Kenny left the Christian Brothers in 1983.  By the time he was finally charged in 1989 he was married and living in Maple Ridge Ontario.

He was convicted.  He was still denying.

As I added information on Kenny I also added articles to the Mount Cashel page.

Does anyone know if anyone was ever charged either before or after the Hughes inquiry for obstructing justice or something along those lines?  In other words, did one soul ever have to answer for the cover-up?  anyone?  To date I have seen only charges and convictions related to sexual and/or physical abuse. I don’t recall anyone being charged apart from that.  There was an inquiry, yes.   As in Cornwall, there was an inquiry.    But was anyone actually held criminally accountable for their sins/crimes of omission and/or commission?  Or, was the inquiry both the beginning and the end of addressing the cover-up?

Anyway, I will continue adding pages of further information on the Christian Brothers, and in the precess add articles to the Mount Cashel page.  A horror story.  The abuse those boys endured, the recycling of known predators and the cover-up is yet anther horror story.

And there is Raymond Gareth Stanford. a known and convicted molester, gainfully employed at the Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Centre on Crosbie St., St. John’s, Newfoundland.  He’s been there for over two years.  Is there a soul in a position of authority in St. John’s even a little concerned that children are at risk?  If there is, please direct me.  I have gone to the Premier herself.  Stanford is still working at Sports Centre.  After the likes of  Mount Cashel scandal in their own backyard they turn a blind eye to this? What does it take?  What does it take for authorities and officials to put the safety and well-being of children first?  For goodness sake can no one find Stanford a job where he’s not surrounded by children?   This is ridiculous.  In St. John’s Newfoundland of all places.  The home of the Mount Cashel scandal and cover-up.

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