So many happy faces

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Is there any word on whether there was or was not a courtdate yesterday (20 August 2012) for Father George Smith?


Yes, I am back home safe and sound.  The white rafting venture was fantastic, from the moment we hit the Ottawa River at 9 am yesterday morning until we landed back on dry land around 4 pm.  A beautiful day.  A lot of fun.  I didn’t get thrown out of the raft (lots did), but did have a couple of good swims in the river and got thoroughly drenched from head to toe.  At the start of the venture I wanted to sit in the centre of the raft – by day’s end I was quite happy to sit right up front at the helm and watch those waves crash down on and into the raft. And I must say it didn’t take long to lose any fear I had when we set off in the morning of getting tossed out of the boat and into the roiling waters.  My husband enjoyed every minute of it too.  A delightful day.  Just beautiful.

We even did the jump from the cliff into the river! Now that I probably wouldn’t do again.  It all looked fine until I stood up there and looked waaay down at the water.  I truly did not want to take that leap.  I decided in an instant of looking down and my heart jumping to my throat that if I hesitated too long it would just get harder to take the plunge, and people were lined up waiting their turn,  so, …I jumped. So did my husband.  There was one young fellow there who stood on the edge for ever – he wanted desperately to jump, but he was scared to jump.  It became clear that he was not going to leave until he jumped, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.  Finally everyone watching the painful ordeal and battle of will unfold started encouraging him, and then  everyone started a countdown:  Three. Two. One ………….and, he was gone!  We talked to him later.  He was thrilled he had mustered up the courage.

So, anyway, a beautiful beautiful day .  My husband and I would recommend it to anyone.  The guides were first class.  Everyone there was having the time of their lives. So many happy faces.  Nice 🙂

On that note off to bed.

Enough for now,


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