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According to a comment posted yesterday Father George Smith has  a court date this morning.  It’s too late to confirm and I don’t have a start time.  I suggest anyone thinking of going contact the Corner brook courthouse first to confirm that there is a hearing of some sort and get the start time. Please post any information you can get re the court-date and outcome of the same. I will try to check on it on Tuesday.  I will be attending a funeral Tuesday morning,  – if I don’t get home on time to make some phone-calls I will definitely check Wednesday.

I wonder what this court date is all about?  He already has a court date scheduled for 10 September for arraignment on all 69 charges.  I am curious.  Is it perhaps more charges?  If not that, then, what?  I suppose we will all find out in due course.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers.


An anniversary in the family so that was good cause for a get-together and scrumptious supper yesterday.

And today, well, today my husband and I are heading off white-water rafting 🙂  Looking forward to it.  It’s something we’ve talked about doing for some time and last week decided to bite the bullet and get on with it. So, we’re on the river at 9 am and away we go!  It’s a full day.   Expecting to get thoroughly drenched  We’ve had lots of good tips on how to stay IN  the raft from those who have done the trip before. We shall see…. 🙂

All being well I will blog later this evening,

Enough for now,


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