Voir dire

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The Father Philip Jacobs voire dire starts tomorrow morning (Monday, 23 July 2012) at 10 am in the main courthouse, Victoria, BC.  I encourage those who can do so to please attend.  It is scheduled to run through to the 27th.  Even if you can only get there for a day or two, or even a few hours each day, please, if you are within driving distance, try to get there.  There will be  publication ban on much of the information but you can relay how many are in attendance in the courtroom, and if Father Jacobs is there (which I am positive he will be be).  You can tell us what he is wearing, and his general demeanour throughout the proceedings.  I hope we will be able to find out what this voire dire is all about, but suggest we wait to see what the media is permitted to report before making any comment on that.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers. And, as always, please send links to any and all media coverage throughout the week.


Home at 12:35 am.  A good rest in Paw Paw (yes, it is a peaceful little spot Toni) – late on the road yesterday am so late home, but a good run and arrived safe and sound.

Car and suitcases unpacked – to bed in a few moments.

A pleasant surprise upon our return:  I hadn’t made arrangements to have my tomatoes and flowers watered.  I was hoping and praying there would be a downpour while we were gone – enough to keep them all going.  Well, as you know, not a drop of rain.  I had resigned myself to losing them all.  Well, we pulled into the driveway and lo and behold, the flowers are in full bloom and healthy.  Took a peak behind the garage, and – the tomatoes and green peppers are thriving 🙂  A dear and thoughtful friend checked and saw the situation and went out of her way to pop by to water to ensure the plants survived.  A truly pleasant surprise!  I am truly grateful. We will have fresh tomatoes this year after all!

On that pleasant note, off to bed.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Voir dire

  1. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    *Hi Sylvia – just wanted U to know I am keeping up on any & all info about this voire dire on the internet only.  Unfortunately I am unable to attend – just too busy a week.  I anxiously await some info & will keep checking your site for any info U have here.

    Hope U are well,


  2. Sylvia says:

    Sorry you won’t be there Jacqueline.  I have been checking and as yet see no news re today’s events in the Victoria courthouse.

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