I’ll never learn

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I will never ever learn.  One again I thought I would have a short article together in no time.  Not so.

I have been plodding along pulling together some of the pieces surrounding the Fathers Paul McCarthy and Barry Glendinning scandals.  I have it together in a first draft now but still need to go through to  see if there is anything of import I may have missed and what I can do to get the story out in a way that makes it reasonably easy to read without sacrificing facts.

It’s close, but not quite there.  If I had pushed myself I  may just have finished it up this evening, but honestly, there came a point I needed, or wanted, a break – went out to mow the lawn and water my drooping and parched flowers and veggies.  Then back in I came, toasted, and worked on it a little more.  Supper time.  A little more. Then decided I’d had enough for the day.

I’ll warp it up and get it posted tomorrow.  That’s a for sure!

Canada on Sunday.

Enough for now,


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