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Father Mark Sullivan has a court-date tomorrow morning (Thursday, 28 June 2012): 09:00 am, Brantford Ontario courthouse – Ontario Court of Justice (44 Queen St.).  This is to deal with a motion of some sort.   I encourage anyone who is free to do so to attend. Please keep the complainant in your prayers, and please pass on any news of the outcome, either by posting a link to media coverage, or by posting a comment.


I had every intention of getting to the Renfrew courthouse this morning to find out what’s happening with the Father Daniel Miller charges.  But, the best laid plans….  I wasn’t able to make it.  I don’t know what happened in court – will see tomorrow if there is another court date set.  I am sure there will be.


Father Rheal LeBlanc csc‘s next court date is 01 August 2012, 09:00 am, “to set date,” Welland Courthouse, Welland, Ontario (102 East Main Street)


I said I was going to post a  short blog with some new information about Father Paul McCarthy. Well, it turns out it will be a longer than I had planned.

Today I added a lot of information and several articles to the Father Paul McCarthy page.  In the process I came across and added some more information to the Father Barry Glendinning page. The pair served together at Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church in Aurora, Ontario , McCarthy as Pastor, and Glendinning as assistant. McCarthy had been Pastor at the Church since 1980.  Glendinning was fresh out of Southdown – his second trip to the facility, and that because word got out in Edmonton that he had been molesting and sodomizing altar boys there. Glendinning had been  recycled to Edmonton after being charged, convicted in Ontario, and, yes, whipped off to Southdown for trip #1.

I now know that Father Barry Glendinning was caught with a young lad in his bed at Our Lady of Grace, as was Father McCarthy, and both were caught on the same night and at exactly the same time.  And Glendinning fresh out of Southdown, and under the watchful eye of McCarthy!!!!

My initial intent had been to write what I know of the bed incidents, but as soon as I started adding information to the McCarthy and Glendinning pages and seeing them in light of what I now know I realized I must pull a whole lot of the pieces together and put them into one article to, as I like to say, connect the dots.

So, that is the plan.  I will be working on that tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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