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I am behind in getting this blog together.   I just needed some think and research time.


Three court-dates this week:

(1)  Wednesday 27 June 2012

(i) Father Daniel Miller

09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Renfrew courthouse, (127 Raglan St. S.), Renfrew, Ontario.  I don’t know if Father Miller will be there.  Please keep the complainants in your prayers, and, if you are within driving distance and free to do so, please try to attend.  It will not take long.

(ii) Father Rheal LeBlanc csc

  09:00 am, Welland Courthouse (102 East Main Street), Welland, Ontario.  I don’t know if Father LeBlanc will be there.  I encourage anyone who is free to do so to attend.  Please pass on news of the outcome.

(2)  Thursday 29 June 2012

(i) Father Mark Sullivan

09:00 am, Brantford Ontario courthouse – Ontario Court of Justice (44 Queen St.).  This is to deal with a motion of some sort.   As always, I encourage anyone who is free to do so to mark your calendar and plan to attend.


A few days ago I said I had some information to add on Fathers Patrick Slaney and Daniel Miller, and on ex-priest Patrick Callaghan.  I added the information to the respective pages but made no note at the time of the additions.  Here is recap of the new info:

(1)  Father Patrick Slaney

Some may recall that I blogged on Father Slaney in February of this year, and that after discovering to my great surprise that Slaney is still very much a priest, and  a priest who, despite being stripped of his faculties, has been out and about the world conducting retreats for nuns in England, serving as chaplain aboard cruise ships, and soliciting Mass stipends in the States.

I have since learned that Father Slaney originally studied to be a priest with the Spiritans/Holy Ghost Fathers.  He spent time at the order’s St. Mary’s Seminary/”Fernwood” in Norwalk, Connecticut and was there with now ex-priest and sexual predator Patrick Callaghan.

I don’t as yet know if Father Slaney was actually ordained as a Spiritan priest or if for some reason he left the Spiritans before ordination and was ordained as a diocesan priest for the Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland.

(Father Rheal LeBlanc, due in court tomorrow on child porn charges, is a Spiritan priest)

(2) Patrick Callaghan.

Patrick Callaghan was a Spiritan/Holy Ghost Father. As mentioned above, he and Father Slaney were in seminary together and would definitely have known each other.

I now know that Callaghan also served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea and as a chaplain at Francis Lieberman High School in Toronto.  He also spent at east one stint in Southdown.  I have also learned that prior to ordination Callaghan worked at the St. John Bosco Home for Boys in both Orillia and Barrie, Ontario (first Barrie, then Orillia).

(3) Father Daniel Miller

I have added information which shows that Father Miller was assigned to St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario in September 1976.  Father Miller served there until around 1995, first as assistant to Father R. M. Tardiff, and then as Pastor.

In The Church on the Hill: A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish 1857-1982 Father Miller is described as follows:

“Of strong physique, Father Dan seems to take everything in stride.  His glowing, friendly personality has made him a favourite with youngsters at St. Joseph’s and John XXIII schools, and, of course, he is highly respected and thought of by all teenagers and adults as well.

“Father Miller’s superior and Parish Priest, Father Tardiff, has voiced publicly his tremendous appreciation of the help rendered to him and the parishioners of St. John Chrysostom’s by Father Miller.

“We know we speak for all parishioners when we offer to Father Miller our prayers and best wishes for a very long and fruitful life in God’s vineyard.”


I have some disturbing  information on Fathers Barry Glendinning and Paul McCarthy which I must pass along.  It’s not surprising I suppose, but it is disturbing.  I will blog that separately.  Right now I am going to update the Father Paul McCarthy page with what information I can find re dates and so on and then will post a short blog with a little more information on he and Father Glendinning.

Enough for now,


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