The verdict is in!

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The Philly verdict is in!

A guilty on the child endangerment charge against Monsignor William Lynn:

22 June 2012: Lynn guilty in clergy sex-abuse trial

The Monsignor was acquitted on the conspiracy charge.

The jury was deadlocked on the charges against Father James Brennan.

But, a guilty on child endangerment against Monsignor Lynn.  A precedent is set. Important.

Will the cash-strapped archdiocese appeal the verdict?  Heaven only knows how much has already been spent to pay the four lawyers who mounted Lynn’s defence.  Are they going to dip into the depleted diocesan coffers for more?

We shall see.  I don’t think it would wise or, for that matter, prudent, but, who knows?

No matter.  I feared there was going to be a hung jury on all the Lynn charges.  This is welcome news.  Monsignor William Lynn:  guilty of child endangerment.  A criminal.

I feel badly for the complainant who testified that he had been sexually abused by Father James Brennan.  Were some jurors swayed by defence arguments that he was only after money and that became the hang-up?  It will be interesting to see what the jurors have to say, and to learn how many were ready to vote guilty.  And, I wonder will the case be sent back to trial? I hope it is.


I have a few bits and pieces of information to add regarding Fathers Daniel Miller and Patrick Slaney and ex-priest Patrick Callaghan.  I was working on that when news of the Philly verdict came in.  I will get back at that.


Yesterday I mentioned a thunderstorm rolling in.  Well, it wasn’t much of a thunder-storm after all, but barely had I started shutting down my computer than off went the power, then it was back on, and then it was off again, and on again.  Fortunately, nothing lost and no damage done 🙂

Enough for now,


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9 Responses to The verdict is in!

  1. Sylvia says:

    A judge revoked Monsignor Lynn’s bail – he is now is custody.   He will be sentenced 13 August 2012 and could face up to seven years in jail:

    22 June 2012: High-ranking priest guilty on one count in child sex abuse case

  2. Mike says:

    *     I would hope that the victims of these warped “men of God” in Philly take some consolation in the fact that at least some of their hurt and shame has been addressed.
        It would also be my hope that some bishops closer to home here are now squirming in their padded chairs. (There are three of them who certainly should be)     Mike.

  3. Michel Bertrand says:

    A good precedent setting judgement and so hopefully bishops, priests, cardinals and da pope will understand their civil duty to protect children from the criminals amongst them or suffer the consequences of their poor choices in protecting abusers.

  4. Mike Mc says:

    Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams on Friday dismissed any suggestion the outcome was anything less than a validation of two grand jury investigations.

    “I can assure you that as Msgr. Lynn sits in a holding cell right now, he got the message,” Williams said. “And others will get the message as well.”

    Others will get the message. How True! I truly believe there are other Msgr Lynn’s out there who followed the authority of their Bishops. And these Bishops too have tried to hide and protect abusing priests in the past. These Bishops were more concerned for the Church and its priests than they were for the victims. And perhaps these Bishops were held accountable to their Cardinal. And the Cardinal…the Pope.

          I truly hope when the Pope visits Philadelphia in 2015 (as announced just recently) that he will take time in his busy schedule and visit Msgr Lynn in prison. I wonder what he would say? Would the Pope agree with the verdict and see Msgr Lynn as actually someone who committed a crime endangering children? Or would the Pope see Msgr Lynn as a scapegoat for the sake of “Mother Church”.

    Maybe the Pope will offer to trade places with Lynn for a year or two.

    Yes, I believe there are Bishops in many places today who are wondering their own future. So be it. (Amen)

  5. Sylvia says:

    ‘ m on my way out the door – haven’t time to post this article right now, but will give the link:

    Remember as you read that here in Canada we do not have a statue of limitations on sex abuse crimes. (Some provinces do have limitations on filing lawsuits, but NOT on prosecution of the crime)

  6. Michel Bertrand says:

    There should be a whole diocese of clerics in addition to the oblate order here in Canada that may be paying attention to this case and thinking…ummm maybe I should not have sent that letter or stated these words in the North all those years ago…maybe if they had disclosed the criminals amongst them we would not have so many victims waiting all those years to have their day of justice. Maybe if they where good decent people in the first place they would do what is right and clear their den of salacious criminals. But they won’t !

  7. Lina says:

    *It’s a nice surprise there was a conviction.

    I’m use to hearing the Catholic Church winning court cases.

    The clergy abusers and their enablers in the Catholic Church have money or a lot of influential backing to support them.

    They will do anything to keep control of their egoistic power and image, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

    So many filthy deals are done by the Catholic Church behind closed doors.

    Let’s not forget all those dirty underhanded tactics they use against the victims and many of their supporters.

    Many people say Msgr. William Lynn dedicated a big part of his life serving the Catholic Church and is now is being treated unfairly and furthermore is being used as a scapegoat.

    Msgr. Lynn may have served the Church for a long time but I don’t think he’s being use as a scapegoat. The word scapegoat is more of a silly deflection in my opinion.

    After hearing the conviction in Philadelphia there must be many a clergy feeling a change in the weather that is not to
    their liking.

    No doubt many are nervous, disappointed and even downright chilly scared.

    So, Msgr. William Lynn was only following orders and being obedient to his superiors.

    That excuse is not valid to cover crimes and rightly so.

    Msgr. William Lynn could have said no.  

    This conviction happened with this particular Monsignor; needless to say it had to start somewhere, so Philadelphiait is.

    We will see more cases and more convictions in the days ahead, thanks to all the victims who keep coming forward and thanks to all those who are helping these courageous souls along the way. 

    Bravo to all.


  8. Lina says:

    *About the The New York Times…California: Prosecutors Forgo New Trial for Man Accused of Assaulting Priest.

    I don’t like the idea of a person going into a place and beating an old priest.

    In this unique case this man Mr. Lynch was found not guilty.

    I read Rev. Jerold Lindner injuries were not life threatening. 

    Maybe if the priest had died the outcome of trial would had been different.

    Obviously, the money doesn’t solve all the pain and sufferings of the clergy abused victims.

    Mr. Lynch may have been carrying the burden of other clergy abused victims and

    wanted to make aware the plight of these victims’ voices were going unheard, forgotten

    and shove aside like yesterday’s garbage.

    Unfortunately, this priest Rev. Lindner just wanted to forget or even pretend it didn’t happened. 

    Mr. Lynch was very emotional and people related to his pain and suffering. 

    Mr. Lynch even said he was sorry what he did to the priest, he shouldn’t had done it and he even

    said he didn’t encourage other people to do it.

    While Rev. Jerold Lindner came across indifferent and emotionless towards his victims.

    A couldn’t care less attitude that majority of people easily picked up on and did not like.

    The numerous Catholic clergy who did crimes and those who help them cover these crimes up

    have been getting away with murder for so long so to speak. 

    If you are part of the clergy or even support these clergy, you must feel a sense

    of a miscarry of justice here.

    Welcome to the world of the Catholic Church Clergy Abuse Victims whose clergy did numerous

    crimes against them and those who help them cover up. 

    This is only a tiny wee sample how it feels to be betrayed and justice denied.

    Mr. Lynch did not deny what he did. But the clergy abusers and their supporters deny and

    do everything to keep the clergy abuse victims from getting justice. They used every dirty trick there is under the sun.

    You don’t like the verdict hey? You can file this case under the category of “sh!t happens”.


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