Another victim

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Another victim of Father John E. Sullivan has come forward.  Yesterday Sullivan was charged with gross indecency.

21 June 2012:  Montreal man charged with sex offences while serving as priest in North Bay

Sullivan, a priest with the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, was arrested in Montreal on Wednesday.  Now 86, Sullivan entered a guilty plea in 1992 after facing 32 charges from 9 victims. And, yes, despite the guilty plea he is still a priest!  He may not have been in active ministry, but he is still Father John E. Sullivan, a priest in the Roman Catholic Church ordained for and still ‘belonging to’ the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.

I commend the victim for going to police, and, yes, I commend the police for laying the charge.

I don’t have an upcoming court date and am uncertain even as to where it will be.  I will see if I can sort this out tomorrow.


Some court-room updates:

(1)  Father Linus Bastien

Next court-date is 03 July 2012, at 09:30 am, “to set a date” in the Windsor Ontario courthouse.

(2) Father William Hodgson Marshall csb

I decided while checking on Father Bastien to check to see if per chance Basilian priest and convicted molester Father William Hodgson Marshall was on the Windsor docket. Indeed he is!

Marshall, as you may recall, is facing new charges from his years in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  Some months ago his Saskatchewan files were transferred to Ontario.  I have tried periodically and without success to find out which Ontario court will be handling these charges.  Windsor it is.

So, Father William Hodgson Marshall, already convicted and serving two years for the sex abuse of 17 victims, has a court date at the Windsor courthouse on 20 July 2012 at 10 am “to take a plea.”

Marshall had waived his right for further parole review and, unless something has changed, will be serving his full two years sentence and will be released 08 October 2012.  I think this ties into the Saskatoon charges.  Will he enter a guilty plea and then be sentenced to whatever to run concurrently to the remainder of his sentence?  That’s my guess.

You may recall that there was a sweet plea deal whereby Marshall was assured he would not face any further charges in Ontario.  These last charges are from Saskatchewan and thankfully seem to fall beyond the reach of the sweet deal. I was concerned when I learned the charges were being transferred back to Ontario, but am happy to see that at least they are being dealt with in court and that the victims have not been sent on their way with an apology, i.e.,  ‘Sorry, but we can’t lay any more charges against Hod Marshall.’

(3)  Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre

Next court date is 04 September 2012:  10 am, for “an application”  at the Sudbury, Ontario courthouse.


We’ve had hot hot muggy weather for the past two days. Now the heavens are rumbling, the wind is blowing, rain has started to fall, lightening is flashing.  A most welcome thunderstorm rolling in 🙂

And best I get off the computer.

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  1. Eve says:

    Has Msgr Lunney ever been accused of any misconduct?

  2. Sylvia says:

    His name is not on the list Eve.

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