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I’m on the road at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning (Friday) – off to the States for the funeral of  our daugther’s father-law.  This is the funeral we were all set to head off to last week and then got word that it would be held tomorrow.

So, we’re ready to go again, and this time we will be going 🙂

The car is packed, sandwiches for en route in fridge – just a quick shower in the morning and we’re off.

I was zipping around taking care of last minute odds and ends today and got a ticket!  For ‘rolling through’ a stop sign!  I braked, but I guess I didn’t come to a complete honest-to-goodness stop.  It was at one of those three-way intersections in a small town – the road joining the main road into town is visible well before hitting the intersection and it’s always easy to see if there is any traffic approaching the intersection.  But, as I just learned today, a full and complete stop is required.  So, take heed all.  No roll-throughs!

Once again I don’t know what access I will have to internet while I’m gone.  I will find a way to keep an eye on things, but may not be able to do any posting.  If you see something of particular note which would be of interest to all please post a comment and pass it along.  If it goes into the moderation queue because it includes a link I will OK it as soon as I can.

There are no court dates next week.  With the exception of the courtroom in Philadelphia, all is rather quiet:  a good time to be heading away 🙂

I will be back either Sunday or Monday.  There are comments I want to respond to but will have to put those on hold until my return.  Time to call it a day.

Have a good week-end.

Enough for now,


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  1. Michel Bertrand says:

    Jack Nicholson told a joke about a rolling stop…He says he told the police when pulled over that he almost stopped at the stop and the policemen said you have to come to a full and complete stop..Nicholson replies in his squinty eyed demeanor “it’s the same thing” so the cop takes out his baton and starts wacking jack over the nogging and asks him “do you want me to almost stop or to completely stop” been there at least twice myself

    Sorry to hear about the ticket and the funeral and I hope your trip is safe and supportive to those you love..kind regards of course ..and be careful with American police they can be a bit more aggressive than our Canadian officers.

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