Three court dates

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Three court dates at the start of this week:

(1)  Monday 05 June 2012

(i) Gabriele Del Bianco

09:30 am, “focusing hearing”, Sarnia Ontario courthouse

(ii) Father George Smith

10 am, Corner Brook Newfoundland courthouse

(2) Tuesday 06 June 2012

(i) Father Rene Labelle

09:30 for pre- trial conference, Kingston St. courthouse.  This is probably NOT open to the public

Please keep all the complainants in your prayers, and, as always, please pass on any news you have of the outcome of any of the above.

If the hearing is open to the public I very strongly encourage those within driving distance and the time to do so to attend.  It is important that people learn how these cases process through the ‘the system’ and what happens in the courtroom.  It is also so very important that the complainants know that there are people who care, and people who are there to support them.

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