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Keep an eye on French CBC TV tomorrow (Friday 18 May 2012).  There is a strong possibility of news on Bishop James Wingle.  I don’t know what time. If anyone catches anything please pass on the word.

Enough for now,


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  1. Mike Blum says:

    *It’s on the news between 6 and 7

  2. Mike Blum says:

    *I watched the broadcast and it shows pictures of  Bishop Wingle being served with a statement of claim in Montreal. The news also showed an interview with Rob Talach from Ledroit Beckett and myself.


    • Tim Dooling says:

      *Mike, do you have  an address or site I could go to to look at that news?  I kept shifting between 3 channels but did not get it .  Thanks

  3. Mike Blum says:

    It is on page two of the broadcast.

  4. Sylvia says:

    I had to go out and missed it!  But, a good article in the St. Catharine’s Standard:

    18 May 2012: Wingle found by law firm

    Monsignor Wayne Kirkpatrick sounds a tad test – not at all a happy camper with this long-overdue turn of events.  He should be happy:  the lost has been found! 

    I will see now if I can find the CBC broadcast and get it posted.

  5. Sylvia says:

    I found teh CBC broadcast but I can’t download it.  The best I can do is direct you to this link which by-passes the Radio-Canada home page to the video:

    This video is the entire newscast.  As Mike says, go to page 2 (Under the screen there is a little box which shows 1/5.  Click on the arrow beside 1/5 – that will open the screen to page 2/5.  You will have to bear with commercials again. )  Now, to get to the relevant portion of the broadcast, click on the black bar under the screen and slide it until it is 8:25 into the broadcast, ie. 8 minutes and 25 seconds in.  Give it a moment to catch its breath and the segment dealing with Bishop Wingle will start. 

    Well done Mike!

    Well done Rob!

    Our lost bishop has been found 🙂

    (There is a French report on Radio-Canada which I will post.  If the google translation makes sense I will post it too.

  6. Mike Blum says:


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