11th hour guilty plea

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An 11th hour guilty plea from ex-priest  Albert LeBlanc:

 14 May 2012: Ex-priest pleads guilty to indecent assault

14 May 2012:  Former priest pleads guilty to indecent assault

Six guilty pleas actually: one guilty plea for each of his 6 victims.

Only six guilty pleas for 50 charges!

It has taken LeBlanc 16 months to fess up to those six charges.  I suppose that’s the way “the system” works, but I will never understand it.  It seems to me that if you did it you did it, and you know full well that you did it.  Why months on end to figure it out?  Those are months on end that victims are often treated like good-for-nothing liars.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s another wave of victimization for the victims.

Without doubt, as is usually the norm, LeBlanc will be given kudos at sentencing for the guilty pleas, and a pat on the back for sparing his victims the rigours of testifying.

I just don’t understand how they can do it and get away with it.

And, what of the other 44 charges?  There must have been a deal to let those go in exchange for a plea guilty on six? If those other 44 charges weren’t dealt with at trial today then that’s it.

Anyway, I am happy for the victims.  You came forward.  It was hard.  But, thanks to you, now we all know what Father Albert LeBlanc was all about. He is a criminal.

LeBlanc’s sentencing hearing is set for 17 August 2012.


And, from Iqaluit, Nunavut, word that Father Eric Dejager was in court this morning and will be back will be 16 July 2012:

14 May 2012: Nunavut priest makes brief court appearance on 77 criminal charges.

14 May 2012: Priest facing 74 charges waives preliminary hearing

I see that one report indicates he is now facing 77 charges, and another puts the numbers at the 74 we had previously heard.  I will see what comes of the numbers in the media coverage tomorrow.  If there is still confusion I will get it sorted out.

Note that it seems there is the possibility of at least one, if not not more complainants which would also mean more charges. The RCMP investigation is ongoing.

Dejaeger has waved his right to a preliminary hearing.  I see no mention that he has waived his Charter right to a speedy trial.  I would hope that he would be obliged to and would agree waive the latter right: it would be heartbreaking for all, not to mention a terrible travesty of justice,  if he managed to get off on the argument that his Charter right to a speedy trial has been violated.

The earliest we can hope to see a trial is Spring 2013.  It is anticipated the trial will take at least a month.

Meanwhile Dejaeger’s preliminary hearing on his Edmonton, Alberta charges is scheduled for 21&22 December of this year.   (I wonder why he chose not to waive that one?)

Enough for now.


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