The lies

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Two scheduled court dates this week:

(1)  Monday 07 May 2012

Father George Smith: Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Ave.) – for arraignment on all charges.

I don’t have the start time but both of the last dates were scheduled for 10 am so there is a good chance it is 10 am.

I hope those with the time and within driving distance can make it to the courthouse, both to witness the proceedings first-hand and to support the nine or more complainants.

As always, keep the complainants in your prayers, and please pass on any news of the outcome

(2) Wednesday, 09 May 2012

Father Daniel Miller:  09:30 am, Renfrew courthouse (127 Raglan St. S.).  I believe the new charges will be merged with the initial charges.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can not stop thinking about Cardinal Brady and that 14-year-old boy who was dragged in for interrogation without his father.  I am floored by the questions put to the boy, even asking if he got to enjoy the abuse!  What kind of demented mind thought that one up?  And truth be told, what difference would it make if the child’s body did betray him in response to the unwelcome sexual stimulation he endured at the hands of a priest?   Would that make the crime any less a crime?  or the sin of the predatory priest  any less a sin?

And then along comes this one:

06 May 2012: Catholic church knew pervert priest had “unwholesome relationship” 25 years before he was jailed for sexually abusing boys 

Lies.  Just outright lies.

I am at a loss for words.  I know I shouldn’t be, but the lies are really getting me 🙁

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to The lies

  1. Lina says:

    *This Cardinal Brady should resign. Roman Catholic people in Ireland and around the world are angry, frustrated, betrayed and tired about these eons of crimes that were carried out against children and vulnerable people.

    Blaming the clergy abuse victims in so, so many cases is so wrong and unbelievable crass.

    Why would anyone still have respect for this Cardinal Brady? He’s a liar, a manipulator and enabler of crimes.

    These priests, monsignors, bishops and all the way up to the top of the Hierarchy of the Holy Roman Catholic Church have so many supporters. Do they believe they have the right to a free pass for crimes that were committed?   They sure
    act like it?

    Never underestimate the strength of those clergy criminal idiots in any rank in the Catholic Church! That includes the Catholic Churches in your own area.

    I DON’T like to see violence but do not be surprise if some people will reach that breaking point and say enough is enough. They are fed up with what the Catholic Church is getting away with.

    The Vatican needs to shape up or there could be a revolt similar but with a different TWIST to ‘a la BASTILLE way’. I do pray cool heads will prevail.

    The Roman Catholic Church must change their attitude about hiding these criminal activities by their clergy and among the Hierarchy. 

    So the Roman Catholic Church is forever strong and the Hierarchy ‘are not shaking in their boots’…that may well be the case but the ordinary Catholic Churches around the globe may be in the market to hire or beef up more security soon.

    Not many priests are at ease wearing their roman collar in public. 

    This male clergy have this calling from God to serve. Many of these male callings border on the obsessions for power and control their flock with fear NOT honesty and love. They do not even use common sense but they sure have lost their way and strayed badly from Jesus’ teachings.

    These egomaniacs have accomplished so much damage that they have the nerve to suggest that the Roman Catholic Church is the one that is being attack unfairly. Furthermore, they have this arrogance to even call it a ‘hate fest’.

    The clergy’s loyalty belong to their BOSS and I’m not talking about Jesus Christ here but to a man call the Pope and to his all-male entourage of Cardinals who are suppose to be living by Jesus’ example and the teachings of the GOOD NEWS.

    If this is their idea of the “GOOD NEWS” I do not want any part of their all man-made lost in translation good news.

    You can pray for all these clergy but choose not to support them in their plans to cover up those crimes or even pretend those crimes against children and the vulnerable never did happened.

    Finally. All the art work and all the other stuff in the Vatican was it all accumulated through the centuries honestly? 

    My female intuition says no. 

  2. Mike Mc says:

    His accuser alleged in his lawsuit that the priest had told him that God wanted them “to express their love for each other” before taking him to a park in Wilmington and sexually assaulting him. Afterward, the accuser said, Flood warned the teen not to tell anyone because “others wouldn’t understand” and would assume the youth was gay.

    The man filed his suit in 2009 under a two-year window in which Delaware legislators lifted the state’s civil statute of limitations on sex-abuse claims.

    Msgr.Flood responded to the suit’s filing swiftly, notifying his parishioners in Glenside and denying the allegations. Before his suspension this year, Flood had asked parishioners to pray for his accuser and voluntarily agreed to refrain from unsupervised contact with children until the case could be resolved.

    That happened last week during the deposition.

    The accuser’s “credibility was completely shot,” Green said.

    Crumplar, the plaintiff’s attorney, did not dispute the blemishes in his client’s past. But he maintained that those inconsistent statements came as a result of the physical and mental toll of his abuse.

    “He just decided he couldn’t go through with it,” he said. “He just didn’t have the strength anymore.”

    I see this case has recently been in the papers and has exonerated Mgsr Flood. It was announced in his Church this past weekend.

    The quotes from above are from this article:

    Based on articles I’ve read on Sylvia’s site, I can’t help but wonder wherein lies the truth. A poignant oxymoron-expression to consider……”Lies the truth”.  

    Others to consider too:

    A fine mess……numb sensation……same difference……once again…….

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