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My husband’s health turned a big corner today   – his first really good day in a week 🙂   He is fine – must have been some strange virus.

Thank you to all who contacted me with assurance of your prayers – they were deeply appreciated.

I will be back on track tomorrow.


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  1. Larry Green says:

    So glad to hear Sylvia!

  2. MikeMc says:

    Good to hear your husband’s health is improving.

    I’m curious to know how much time you spend on your site? Is it achieving any results that can be made public? Are authorities questioning you or asking you about some threads here? Is your site ever used in a court of Law? Do you have any idea how many people look at your site and who they are? Catholics/non catholics/ etc etc

    Ever since I found your site…and I can’t remember who directed me to it…..I occasionally read info, then I leave it for a while. But I also find my self wanting to make comments on situations and stories. I feel like I want to just not know who the latest abuser is, but I want to know what the Church is doing about all this. I want to know how much we should trust this catholic church in light of the abuse it has casued time and time again. I also want to know if the Church is repentant…..or still…through lawyers and court proceedings etc….., trying to save face. My original comments were about the shock of finding out my Bishop was arrested. I was shocked then angered. Your site has cause me to really think.

    What are other priests saying about this site? And finally, are you planning to continue this site in light of the fact that you have more than once said that you worry that possibly this site might cause others to leave the Church.

    Questions questions……..I would really like to know. Thankyou. Mike Mc

  3. Lina says:

    I’m glad your husband is better Sylvia.


    • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

      Was worried; glad all ok; heading home; am hoping to arrange schedule to go to Fr Dan Miller hearing next week; will be in touch

  4. Sylvia says:

    Thank you both, Lina and MikeMc.

    As you say MikeMc, “questions questions” 🙂

    Not easy, but I will answer as I can.

    How much time do I spend on the site? A lot. I prefer not to elaborate. It really doesn’t matter.

    Is the site achieving results which can be made public? What I can say that is public knowledge is that (1) there have been three instances in which Sylvia’s Site played a key role in identifying convicted priests who were still in active ministry; all three have been removed; and (2) the site played a role in getting Father Eric Dejaegeer back to Canada to face his accusers in a court of law. Those are results which at this time I am comfortable making public.

    Are “authorities” questioning me about threads? No. In one instance however I contacted police to relay information which I had attained privately and which I thought may be of assistance to them. (I had first checked with my contacts to ensure that should they be contacted they would be agreeable to talking to police)

    Is my site ever used in a court of law? That I don’t know, but I do know that it is followed by various universities and law schools and has been the topic of conversation.

    Do I have any idea how many people look at the site? Not specifically. I am able to check how many “hits” the site gets (20,000-60,000 depending on what is happening at any given point in time). I can see how many “hits” there are from different countries around the world (about 70 countries this past month). I have no way of telling how many are Catholic and how many or non-Catholic, nor how many are male and how many female. I can get a good idea of what priest is drawing public attention at any given time.

    What are other priests saying about the site? My understanding is that I am not at the top of the favourites list in many a Canadian diocese. There are also, however, priests who are supportive.

    Am I planning to continue? Yes, I am. I go through spells where I find I have to pause and p0nder and re-assess what I am doing. As you well know I have my difficulties and concerns. Perhaps those are exacerbated when I have mega computer and/or software problems and on the heels of that health issues in the family? I don’t know, but I know I do reach these moments where I feel the need to pause and re-assess. Perhaps in due course I will learn to keep my thoughts to myself and sort things out quietly? 🙂 We shall see. I often say that operating a blogsite such as this is a steep learning curve. That it is, in more ways than one!

    I believe that we are all battling out way through this sordid mess as best we can. I do so as a practicing Catholic who both loves our suffering Church and aches for the suffering victims and their families. I do believe that the Church will weather this storm because, and only because, she is both human and divine. If I did not believe in the divinity of the Church I am sure I would be long gone: for that matter, I don’t believe I would have ever become a Catholic in the first place had I not come to a firm belief that the Roman Catholic Church is both human and divine.

    I believe the battle to purge the Church of predatory clergy can – and must – be won. I believe we can – and must – reach the day when we can be secure in the knowledge that as far as is humanly possible the priest in the sanctuary (or school, hospital or diocesan centre) is not a known predator.

    I believe that we as Catholics can – and must – reach out to victims and their families.

    I wonder if perhaps we are all standing at the foot of the Cross?

    • Larry Green says:

      Sylvia, only Jesus is both human and Divine.

      • Sylvia says:

        So is the Church Larry, the Mystical Body of Christ. Christ is the head. The Church is the Body of Christ. That is a doctrine of the Church: The Church is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

        Another doctrine of the Church: By reason of her purpose, and the means she uses to effect it the Church is a supernatural spiritual society.

        I’m not getting into a debate on this Larry. That is not what the site is about.

        • Larry Green says:

          Sylvia, this claim is extremely relative to this site and I will only that there is nothing to debate. It is totally false to say that the Catholic church or any church is God in any way shape of form. No such conclusion follows from the metaphors used in doctrine that you cite.
          With all due respect Sylvia, why make such claims that you are not willing to be questioned on, because something like this as I have said is very relevant here and can have a lot of ramifications.

          • Sylvia says:

            It’s not a case at all of not wanting to be questioned, Larry. I think you know that. It’s a case of time and place.

  5. MikeMc says:

    Thankyou for your answers. If 1) You are not at the top of priests’ favourites list, then I say this to priests reading this: “GET USED TO IT! Until the abuse stops totally and every abusing priest living or dead is found out, and its victims helped and possibly healed….. then sites like Sylvia’s will continue.”

    2) re:The church being human and divine. Sylvia, I now personally question this. As you know I have spoken before of the Church being an “old boys’ club”. If it were truly “human”, it would be guided by both men and women of equal rank before the world and before God. (Or maybe some would argue that God does not see men and women as equal?)( I wouldn’t be surprised)

    Certainly the Catholic Church and its Popes/Cardinals/Bishops/priests do not see women as equals and responsible/guided/mature/open/intelligent/holy/ etc…. enough to run the Church, say Mass, adminsiter all sacraments, etc etc.

    You know where I am going with this. Enough said here….as I know what you have said in the past about “rants and roars”.

    So I thank you for my answering my questions and I suggest you keep on doing what you are doing as long as you are able. Your voice and views are much needed in the catholic Church. The key words are “betrayals of trust” and this site addresses that in a very real way. I hope others will comment and contribute. I also hope for a clean bill of health for the Church by 2025. Is that too far away to ask? I think a lot of vaults and un-earthed crud have yet to be opened and exhumed!

  6. MikeMc says:

    That phrase in my first paragraph should read “GET USED TO IT!”

  7. Sylvia says:

    I fixed your comment MikeMc.

    A clean bill of health by 2025? I would hope so :). I agree there is still a lot of filth which has yet to see the light of day. Let’s hope and pray that 13 years is more than enough time.

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