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Well, I spent the day at two hospitals today 🙁  My husband has been home for the past few days – not feeling well at all, and, in light of his medical history it reached a point that a trip to emergency was necessary, and then off to another hospital for a CT scan.  We are just home within the last half-hour.

Thankfully there is nothing serious or life threatening. A huge huge relief 🙂

I will call it a day.  First I will get a few articles posted and pass on a few pieces of information to re court dates.  Here is the court date info:

(1)  Father Rene Labelle

I have been told that the Crown presented more evidence to the Defence yesterday and that the investigation is on-going.  As I mentioned yesterday, his next court date is 15 May 2012 (9 am, Kingston)

(2)  Father Daniel Miller

Father Miller’s next court date is 09 May 2012.  I have received a few other bits and pieces of info which I will have to sort out and clarify tomorrow.

On now to getting a few articles up and then that’s it 🙂

Enough for now,


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