Let’s earnestly hope and pray…

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Former Barnabite priest Father James Boudreau’s sentencing hearing is tomorrow at the Guelph court house.  I meant to get the start time but it slipped my mind with all the technical issues regarding the site.  I will guess 09:30 am.  If anyone has the exact time, or can confirm 09:30 as the start time would you please let me know?

I encourage those who can do so to attend to support the victims.

Tomorrow the victims will probably be giving their Victim Impact Statements, and both defence and the Crown will be telling the court what sentence they each think is appropriate.  The judge may render a decision tomorrow after a lunch break, or may reserve his/her decision for a few days

Please keep the victims in your prayers, and let’s earnestly hope and pray that this will not be another conditional sentence.

As always, please pass on news of the outcome and/or links to media coverage.


I have some more information on the Brothers of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows and Brother Gregory Van Buuren and their years in Mabou, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia).  I will add that info later this evening or tomorrow.


I received a copy of a lengthy and well-written Letter to the Editor in the Newfoundland Sunday Express dated 24 September 1989 entitled “I was molested at St. Bon’s: reader.”   I will be scanning and posting the letter.   The writer, Brian O’Dea, details his abuse at the hands of Irish Christian Brothers at St. Bon’s (St. Bonaventure College).


As you all know, it’s been a tough few days here from a technical perspective.  I did get the drop-down menu issue resolved and hence the memory problems which were creating ‘black-outs’ are a thing of the past.  That in turn allowed me to re-activate plug-ins which I had to deactivate in order to keep the site afloat.  I am happy to say that the google translate feature is now back and functioning, as are other plug-ins which make the task of posting articles easier for me.

However, the process of the big fix a number of comments which had been posted went missing.  I believe I know what happened there.  As I said in another, on Wednesday morning I had to shut off my anti-spam plugin to keep the site going.  That spam has no impact on you, but I am inundated with it, as are most blogsites.  It is essential to have good anti-spam software to keep the mailbox clear.

Well, as soon as I deactivated the anti-spam plug-in the spam started pouring into my mailbox fast and furious. I kept going over to delete it, but it was impossible to stay on top of it.  I think that what may have happened is that in the midst of the deluge I inadvertently deleted those comments.  It was just impossible to keep tabs on what was spam and what was legit.  Thankfully I had the system set to ensure that not one of those spam hit the site itself, but I was swamped 🙁 And. thankfully, there is a back-up which ensures a copy is held in reserve of each comment which is posted.

So, the anti-spam is now functioning and doing the great job it always does – when Akismet is working it is the rare spam indeed which manages to make its way into my mailbox let alone onto the site. And I THINK I have tracked down all comments which were inadvertently deleted and have re-posted them.  If I have missed any please send me an email and I will track down your comment and get it posted.

But, … now I am hearing from some people who are having trouble posting a comment.  In trying to sort that out I have now discovered that WordPress recently initiated a process to prevent people from stealing other people’s blogging identities, and in the process has created chaos not only for thieves, but for everyone!  So, if you are having trouble getting a comment posted please send me an email.  I think I have found a way to circumvent the problem.

Finally, the email contact link!

Someone was unable to access me via the contact link at the top right of the page.  I have tested and it works for me on both FireFox and Internet Explorer, but perhaps there are browsers which won;t open the link?  No matter, if it’s a problem for someone then it needs to be fixed.

As you will see, I have added another means of contact.  I will look for something better, but for now, this is a for sure means of reaching me.  You just need to fill in your name and email address – then say what you wan to say, and hit the submit button.  The problem with this one is that the message box is so small so I will definitely be looking for a replacement.

Slowly but surely things are being resolved, but this is surely gobbling up time.

Please contact me regarding any problems you are having.  I can’t fix things if I don’t know they are broken 🙂

Enough for now,





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