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An emergency!  I must work on the site.  Be prepared for a bit of confusion as I get things sorted out.  Initially the drop-down menus will be gone.  I will eventually add drop-downs to those menu items which benefit from a drop-down, i.e., the “Accused” button, and the “RC Scandal” button. Until that is all in order you should be able to click on the menu to access the page.

I do want to pass on info regarding the Monsignor Robert Borne sentencing hearing, but there’s not much point in doing so right now if no one can read it. Once I get things sorted out I will give an account of what I saw and heard yesterday in courtroom #5 at the Pembroke courthouse

I have started the process of creating a new menu system and will now carry on.   This is new territory for me – say a wee prayer that I get it sorted out and up and running without too much chaos 🙂

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to Emergency!

  1. Sylvia says:

    I think I may be well on my way to having my site headaches resolved. There are a few glitches to sort out – I am having problems linking in the Victim page with Victim Impact Statements, but am working on it and will get it done. I will have to check to ensure that all names on the Accused page are appearing on the drop-down menu but will leave that until later. Ditto the list of “Other Countries” under “RC Scandal.”

    I am happy to say that the google translator is now re-activated 🙂 Ditto other ‘plug-ins’ which I have had to de-activate in past weeks to keep the site up and running and avoid that dread black screen.

    As is so often the case, this fix was not nearly as difficult to do as I had thought – I found some tutorials on line and took it from there.

    It is just a huge relief to have this taken care of. It will make a big difference for all of us.

    Right now I will get back to work to get the proper Victims page linked in.

  2. Sylvia says:

    The Victims page is now linked properly. I think now it’s down to the fine points of ensuring that all names and countries are accounted for in the drop-down menus. I will leave that for later – for now will get a few articles posted and then say a few words about the sentencing hearing.

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