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A court date for Father Eric Dejaeger in Edmonton, Alberta this morning (29 March 2012):   “for election and plea” – 9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse (1A Sit Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta)

If anyone hears the outcome please send me an email or post a comment.  And, as always. keep the complainants in your prayers.


Does anyone have news on the outcome of Father Daniel Miller‘s court date of yesterday (28 March 2012)?  I haven’t heard anything.  Perhaps there will be something in the news today?  If there is no word I will check to find out when the next court date is.


Four more lawsuits filed by victims of Father William Hodgson Marshall, this time a group from Sudbury, Ontario

28 March 2012:  Victims of sexual abuse step forward, encourage others to follow suit.

28 March 2012:  Let’s get angry about sex abusers

28 March 2012: Convicted priest faces four new sex abuse lawsuits

 I am sure it is a tremendous relief for all of you to have the suits under way. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Much of yesterday was tied into getting information together on Brother Gregory Van Burren (Brother Gregorius in Holland).  There is more to come.  As I get information from Amsterdam I send it along to Lona who is busily translating.  Often I have to ask a multitude of questions to sort out what I am looking.  It’s quite an endeavour, and a truly horrific and chilling story.  It continues to unfold.  A few points:

(1)  Henk Heithuis

A picture of young Henk Heithuis has been added to the Van Buuren page.  It seems appropriate that we remember him.  It was Henck who was sexually abused by “Gregorius,” and who, after reporting the abuse, was admitted to a psychiatric facility (Huize Padua), presumably because he was mentally unstable and had been misbehaving sexually.

Henk was castrated.  According to a typed report from February 1958 Henck asked to be castrated.  Those who knew him, and his own actions in the aftermath of the March 1956 castration say otherwise.

The document (Dutch text) and translation are posted on the Van Burren page (scroll down to 07 February 1958)

You will see from the report that by early September 1957 there was big trouble looming for those who had castrated Henck.

It is interesting that, from what I can sort out, Gregorius and six other brothers arrived in Nova Scotia March 1957.

(2) Mary’s Hill Home

A picture of Mary’s Hill Home in Mabou, Nova Scotia  has been added. This is the home which Gregorius – the Brother Gregory – and the other Brothers of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows opened in 1970 to care for “mentally challenged adults.”  Prior to opening Mary’s Hill Home they had operated a boarding school and vocational school in Mabou.  It is said that the latter facilities,  “were established to deal with the needs of young people, particularly those who had trouble adjusting in society, and had learning or behaviour problems.”  Those were opened sometime after the brothers purchased land in Mabou in 1960.  They closed after a change of some sort in school board policy.

The brothers also operated an Elementary Technical School in New Glasgow for six years (1957-1963).   It is said that that school closed due to lack of funding.

(3)  Canadians join the Brothers of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

In 1965 two Canadians joined the brothers.  An excerpt from a Dutch book on the brothers has been added.  (Scroll down the Gregory Van Buuren page to 1963)

The two brothers were M.J. Lasowski and E. MacIntyre.

At this time I know nothing of E. MacIntyre, but I do know a little about Brother Joseph Lasowski.

Joesph Lasowski was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.  In 1988, after 25 years with the order, Brother Lasowski left the Brothers of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows to join the Oblates:

Brother Joseph M Lasowski transferred from the Brothers of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows to the Oblates.

He also assisted Brother Gregory with the Shrine

Brother Joe Lasowski assisted Brother Gregory in his work for the Society of Our Lady and at the Shrine

Brother Lasowski says that he spent  25 years with the Brothers of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows which means he must have joined the community in some fashion in 1963

(4) Pictures

Because the pictures are scattered throughout the page vi links, I decided to post them in a gallery where they are readily accessible.  Clecik on nay of the thumbnails to enlarge:

Picture Gallery re Brother Gregory and Brothers of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

There is more to come on all of this.

Enough for now,


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