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Tune in to CBC’s “As it Happens” this evening.  Bishop Brian Dunn (Antigonish) will be interviewed regarding Brother Gregorius, the Dutch Brother Superior who sexually abused a boy at the Harreveld boarding school and was later transferred to Nova Scotia.

The boy, Henk Heithuis, is the lad who was sent off to a psychiatric facility in Southern Holland and was castrated.  Media reports indicate that Henk was castrated because he was deemed to be homosexual and/or in retaliation for blowing the whistle on Gregorius.

Gregorius headed for Nova Scotia.

This As it Happens report will fill in a few details of the Nova Scotia connection to this horror story.

I know that As it Happens airs in Ottawa at 6:30 pm (Daylight Standard Time).  Check here to find out when it airs in your area.

The segment on Gregorius will be kicking off the show so be sure to catch it from the beginning.

This evening I will post a page of information on Gregorius’ time in Nova Scotia – it’s basically all set to go now.  I will post it and then update with info from As it Happens after the show airs.


I have been busy trying to find what I can on Gregorius over the past few days, hence no blog yesterday. I have however posted several articles on NEW to the site.  I made no comment on those posted today, – wanted to get them posted as quickly as possible and then carry on with other things which I needed to check into. I will leave the comments totally up to you 🙂

Enough for now,


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  1. Sylvia says:

    It looks like As it Happens (CBC radio) airs at 6:30 pm your time wherever you are across Canada, EXCEPT Newfoundland – Nfld is 7 pm.

  2. Lona Hegeman says:

    Afterward, there is an opportunity to replay the segment online. Just go to CBC As it Happens and look at the various topics covered on Friday, March 23.

  3. Lona Hegeman, Yellowknife, NWT says:

    If all the references (translated or not) to Broeder Gregorius van Buuren found in the Deetman Commissie Rapport could be posted – that would be valuable. I only found the summary of the Deetman Rapport online, not the full report.

    • crispina says:


      and since 3 days:


      donderdag 22 maart 2012 – 16:01 | Auteur: Karin Kamp
      DEN HAAG – Het volledige eindrapport van de onderzoekscommissie Deetman is sinds woensdag te downloaden. De commissie onder leiding van Wim Deetman deed van medio 2010 tot december 2011 onderzoek naar seksueel misbruik van minderjarigen in de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk van 1945 tot 2010.

      Lange tijd was het alleen mogelijk de samenvatting van het rapport in te zien. Voor het uitgebreide rapport moest eerder betaald worden.

      Het bisdom den Bosch plaatste overigens in december vorig jaar per ongeluk het hele eindrapport online, waardoor het rapport korte tijd ook te downloaden was.

  4. Lona Hegeman says:

    Hartelijk dank hiervoor!! Ik ga meteen even kijken wat die schurk Gregorius in Nederland uitgespookt heeft.

  5. Larry Green says:

    Personal Bill of Rights : from crispina’s web page

    I have the right to freedom of speech
    I have the right to be heard
    I have the right to be respected
    I have the right to accept and own my own power
    I have the right to not disclose unless I am comfortable
    I have the right to feel my emotions
    I have the right to say no
    I have the right to challenge the status quo
    I have the right to ask questions
    I have the right to be me
    I have the right to own my own ideas
    I have the right to my values and beliefs
    I have the right to laugh

    This is absolutely beautiful in it’s entirety because it is such a perfect articulate expression of how to become more fully human which in fact addresses our most fundamental desire. Each of these declarations are equal in value but there is one in particular that presents itself as most relevant to a regular theme on this site. That is ; – I have the right to not disclose unless I am comfortable – Note the term “comfortable” is used which is different in meaning to “courageous.” It respects ALL victims. The fact of the matter is that it often takes desperation and not courage at all for victims to speak out and it is always a very personal decision involving so many things to consider in ones life. I don’t believe that a lack of virtue ( courage) is ever not ever in any part of the process of deliberation ( public disclosure or not) in the mind of victims . I am truly saddened by the fact that some victims may be manipulated into abandoning introspective deliberation and yielding to a pressure convicing them that they are cowards if they don’t do the “right” thing.
    There are so many good and worthwhile causes , but beware, the cause itself sometimes becomes so fulfilling that it supersedes ( in the mind of the crusader) it’s purpose.

    • Lina says:

      Larry what you stated is admirable and true in so many ways.

      After some deep reflection on my part, what I will say next is touchy so I am threading carefully with tact but what do you think Larry about a certain segment of clergy abuse victim(s) and some of their loved ones that encourages other clergy abuse victim(s) to leave these criminal acts done by certain clergy members of the Roman Catholic Church hidden (secret) and leave it all in God’s hands?

      Whatever happened to all these unfortunate clergy abuse victim(s) is sad and aweful nevertheless it should stay in the past and let’s not talk about it. Obviously, it’s still wise to continue to pray about it, then let it go, forgive and forget it and move on.

      These certain clergy abuse victim(s) and some of their loved ones also want to say to the SUPPORTERS of clergy abuse victim(s) that they are to keep on praying for all clergy abuse victims, their abusers and for all those who are involved.
      Furthermore…it would be good to stay away from certain sites like this one: Sylvia’s Site?


  6. Larry Green says:

    The point that I am trying to make Lina is that whether or not any victim chooses to publicize or to seek some restorative justice is matter soley for the individual victim to deliberate and decide. There is no universally “right” or “wrong” decision , it is rather a very personal and individual decision to make.
    Amongst the myriad of considerations in this process are no doubt the stark reality that the predator may be arrested and stopped from further harming others, but one needs to consider that when this victim was offended as a child he/she did not at the same time by the same vicious act against him/her automatically assume the role of martyr in order to make the world a safe place. That is an unfair burden placed on victims and that burden is made heavier by the implicit suggestion that he/she refuses to bring to light for the world to judge their horrible experience with a pedophile priest is because they lack the courage to do so.
    While it may well be a very noble cause to sacrifice ones stability ( in many respects) in the name of saving children and /or the Catholic Church, it may not always for all victims be the wise thing to do. Unfortunately and ironically, some victims feel forced to live deeper in silence when they become convinced through well meaning but ill informed advice that the only right and courage thing to do is to speak out, seek justice, save our church, save our children.
    I fully support all those victims (past, present and future) who have chosen the path to come forward. But if one proclaims to be dedicated to supporting victims of clerical sexual abuse then one needs to question their own motives if ALL victims ( where there is disclosure and where there is not disclosure) are treated with equal respect and dignity.

  7. Lina says:

    I total agree with what you said in ALL your post Larry especially:

    “I fully support all those victims (past, present and future) who have chosen the path to come forward. But if one proclaims to be dedicated to supporting victims of clerical sexual abuse then one needs to question their own motives if ALL victims ( where there is disclosure and where there is not disclosure) are treated with equal respect and dignity.”

    There is this person awhile back told me over the telephone he was abuse by a priest when he was a young lad in New Brunswick. He told me I’ve must have had notice that is why he has these mood swings.

    He loves and is grateful for his wife and family. He said if it was not for his wife and his loving grand kids he would had done himself in a long time ago.
    He chose not to publicize or to seek any restorative justice. He did receive some counselling.

    He is a loner, reads a lot, does things around the outside of his house but does not want to have male friends. Like to go golfing, fishing, hunting, etc..
    His wife said they both talk about it the clergy abuse and decided it happened long time ago and they want to just forget about it.

    When I do see this couple I just do not bring the subject up about the clergy abuse cases. I steer away from the topic.

    It must be difficult to forget about the clergy abuses with Msgr. Bernard Prince trial over and now he is defrocked and soon the Msgr. Robert Borne’s case is coming to a close and in the wings with this other priest Fr. Dan Miller just starting up it. These cases must have some kind of effect on abuse victims who are still dealing with their own abuse in the Pembroke Diocese.

    I wish the victims well in their healing process.

    Thanks for your post Larry.

  8. ben says:

    forgeting the issue is not a solution. It just stores the problem it doesnt work, one cant just forget it. While i’ll encourage victims to tell their stories and prosecute the predators, i’ll advise them to go futher_to forgive- thats the next step. It is hard but that will help, is is healing.ben

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