August is just around the corner

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I want to draw particular attention to the following article:

10 March 2012:  Christian Brothers file for bankruptcy

Anyone out there with plans to file a lawsuit over the abuse you endured at the hands of a Christian Brother please take note:   You have until 4 pm 01 August 2012 to do so.

That would I believe include not only those of you who were abused at Mount Cashel, but also those who were abused at St. Joseph’s Training School in Alfred, Ontario, and the St. John’s training School in Uxridge, Ontario.  It would also include those who attended any of the schools operated by the Christian Brothers in Canada.

If you plan to sue and have not yet contacted a lawyer, then I urge you to do so as soon as possible. August is just around the corner.

I ask those of you know victims from any of the schools operated by the Christian Brothers to please pass on the word.  Let’s ensure that as far as is possible every single soul who suffered at the hands of one or more of these men is informed and has opportunity to take action before the looming deadline.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to August is just around the corner

  1. Baspuits says:

    Wondering out loud: how can there be a time limit on declaring a crime? A crime is a crime, no? A victime out in the woods in Alaska, comes foward (next years) upon finding out of his agressor being caught has no avenue? A statue of limitation help who again?

    • Baspuits says:

      Might as well close all suicide hot lines or and help centers, cause the last thing you’d want to hear is “ahhhhhhhhh their was a dead line and that option is no more available”.
      Reminds me a bit of the poor indian of BC in his 70ies said” How do I know my abuser’s name, I was 4 yr old! And the orphanage burnt all their records many year ago, how can I prove I was abused where!
      Wondering out loud if ex-jugde Bastarache read the above claim, of the hundred clams he viewed, in comming up with amounts that some of the victims have accepted?

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