Some ‘good’ news…

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Some ‘good’ news….

The Vicar General of the Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland, Monsignor Puddister. has been in contact with the offices of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference to advise them of Father Patrick Slaney‘s status (i.e., his faculties to say Mass and hear confessions were revoked after his sex abuse conviction).  The conferences will forward the information to the diocesan and religious communities in their countries.  The General Secretary for the Bishop’s Conference for England and Wales will forward the information to the Bishops Conference of Scotland.

Monsignor Puddister also advised me by email yesterday that there is no information that Father Slaney has attempted to conduct any ministry in Britain since 2008 (in May 2008 Slaney conducted a retreat for the Benedictine nuns at the Colwich Novitiate)

That will hopefully ensure that Father Slaney can not, at the very least, deceive and misrepresent himself to  trusting and naive Catholics in Ireland and the UK.

That’s the ‘good’ news.

I don’t know what has been or can be done about the cruise ships.  As you will recall, there was information found online that Father Slaney has been serving as Chaplain aboard cruise ships.  I have asked Monisgnor Puddister what is the process for ensuring that Slaney is not still conducting ministry aboard cruise ships.

The fact that Father Slaney, a convicted molester stripped of his faculties, would so defiantly and willfully misrepresent himself to and deceive Roman Catholics speaks volumes for this character.  He truly should be defrocked.

If anyone sees or hears reports from anywhere in the Ireland or the United Kingdom advising Catholics that Father Patrick Slaney has not had faculties to say Mass or hear confessions since his sex abuse conviction in Canada please pass on the word.  It surely should be in some Church bulletins this weekend?


Any news from New Brunswick regarding setting a court date to hear testimony from the probation officer who wrote the pre-sentence report for Father Yvon Doiron?  A date was supposed to have set yesterday via teleconference.

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Some ‘good’ news…

  1. Glen says:

    Good work on this issue, Sylvia.

    I’ve heard cruise lines often employ priests and others as chaplains. It begs the question, under who’s authority does the priest offer the sacraments?

  2. Anne C says:

    I am so glad to hear this. This, truly, is justice. A true spirit of investigative reporting, that in turn, informs and activates communities – including churches – in a way that ultimately serves the common interest. Wonderful team work. And very heartening.

    Things are so complicated now. This is how we must work now – sharing information for the common good. Onward Sylvia!!

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