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I encourage everyone to tune into 60 Minutes tomorrow evening (Sunday 04 March) on CBS TV. The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, will be featured on the show, and will apparently discuss the status of the sex abuse crisis within the Church.

03 March 2012:  Diarmuid Martin claims Irish Catholicism at ‘breaking point’

01 March 2012:  Child abuse scandal is not over, says Dublin archbishop


An advance reminder of two court dates on Monday, 05 February 2012:

(1)  Father Yvon Doiron

Sentencing hearing: 1:30 pm, Campbellton courthouse, Campbellton, New Brunswick

(Last October Doiron entered a guilty plea to charges of defrauding four parishes in the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick of $106,000)

(2)  Father George Smith

Arraignment on 62 charges related to sex abuse of young boys:  Corner Brook court house.

I don’t unfortunately have the start time.  If anyone knows would you please send it to me at: – it is important for those who might be wanting to attend.

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