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I have added a page for Father Francis Slattery.

What became of the Slattery charges?  Does anyone know?

In putting together and posting the Father Slattery page I re-visited the pages of both Sutton and Bennett.


Father Slattery and Fathers Edward Leo Sutton and Anthony Patrick Bennett  all at one time priests with the Archdicose of St. John’s Newfoundland, all faced charges after complaints were filed by the same complainant.  I don’t know the outcome of the Slattery charges, but do know that  Bennett entered a guilty plea, and Edward Sutton was acquitted.

As I said, Bennett, a native of Ireland,  entered a guilty plea.  The abuse transpired at the home of Father John Corrigan.  Like Bennett, Corrigan was a native of Ireland.

The complainant, who was age 15 or 16 and a minor when he was abused by Bennett, was said to have been in a ‘continuing relationship’ with Corrigan.  That would obviously make the acts between Corrigian and the boy illegal as well.  I don’t know if this complainant was one of those who saw Corrigan convicted, but it certainly looks to me as if he was a victim of long term abuse at the hands of Father John Corrigan.

What is interesting here is that the same complainant whose allegations/charges evoked a guilty plea from Bennett saw an acquittal in his allegations/charges against Father Edward Sutton.

Check the Father Sutton page.  Note the judge’s rationale for the acquittal:  he couldn’t find corroboration; he found uncertainty as to when the alleged offences occurred; character witnesses said Bennett was a “man of highest standards and excellent character”;  and, while Sutton admitted visiting Corrigan several times a year and knew the complainant from those visits, he, Sutton, denied any sexual activity with the boy.

So, same complainant:  Bennett a guilty plea; Sutton an acquittal; Slattery unknown.


Does anyone know if the Anthony Patrick Bennett referenced in the the following article as murdered in 2000 is ex-priest Anthony Patrick Bennett?  I think it may be him, but I don’t want to post it on the Bennett page unless I am certain:

Man charged in downtown apartment slaying ; Police seek 15-year-old girl known to accused

Toronto Star

08 September 2000

Toronto police have arrested a suspect in the murder of Anthony Patrick Bennett, found dead three weeks ago in his Homewood Ave. apartment.

The man was arrested shortly before 3 a.m. yesterday in the Yonge St. and Wellesley St. area when the victim of a street robbery pointed out his attacker to police, said homicide detective Kim Carr.

He said the man, who was known by several names, had no fixed address and had been spending time on the streets in the area between Yonge St. and Regent Park.

Carr wouldn’t reveal how Bennett, 45, died, saying he didn’t want to release details before having the opportunity to discuss the investigation with Bennett’s family.

Carr said there was no sign of forced entry to the victim’s apartment and said investigations are continuing to determine if the victim was acquainted with the suspect.

Stephen Allan Earley, 23, who has numerous tattoos on his arms, shoulders and legs, was remanded in custody when he appeared at College Park Court on a charge of first-degree murder.

Homicide detectives are also trying to find a 15-year-old girl who had been seen with the suspect.

Carr said there is no reason to believe she is involved in the slaying, but because she’s a runaway, police want to make sure she has returned to her family in the Kingston area.

The missing girl, Lindsay Faulkner, who also goes by the name Kerry York, is white, 5 feet, 3 inches tall, 110 pounds with a slim build, blue eyes and long blond hair.

Carr said police are concerned she has not been located since the suspect’s arrest, but they have no evidence she has been harmed.

However, he said Faulkner’s parents are concerned for her safety.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Toronto police at 808- 2222, Kingston police at (613) 549-4660 or Crime Stoppers at 222- 8477.


No response as yet from the Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland to my queries regarding Father Patrick Slaney.


Father Peter Sanczenko’s next court date is 10 am, 22 May 2012 at the court house in Chatham, Ontario.  This date is, as was the last, assignment court to set a date for trial.  There many be a few more of these before a date is finally set.  We shall see…


For those who are wondering what is happening with the Father Jean-Claude Lefebvre charges, we are still awaiting a court date.


Father Eric Dejaeger is due in court tomorrow morning in Edmonton, Alberta:  9 am, court room #265 “for a plea.”  If you are free and within driving distance please make plans to go.


Yesterday I contacted my webhost to sort out what can be done to fix up my software problems.  I had been letting it ride and finding ways to work around it, but yesterday was ridiculous.  I repeatedly tried to post a number of articles, and each time the article just up and disappeared on me.  I gave up, contacted my webhost, and settled in to work on getting the Father Slattery page together.  I was able to get that u without problem, so perhaps – hopefully – things have taken a turn for the better?

For those who fear this is some sort of attack on the site I assure you there is nothing sinister here.  This is just software being finicky because of some incompatibility somewhere.  Sometimes these things eventually right themselves, – that doesn’t seem to be the case this time.  It has been getting progressively worse 🙁

I did manage not too long ago to post that article on the preliminary autopsy results of Cardinal Bevilacqua:

28 February 2012: Coroner: Bevilacqua had prescribed drugs in system

Perhaps it has been fixed? or righted itself?  I am crossing my fingers 🙂

Enough for now,


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