“although no public scandal resulted…”

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I see nothing on the outcome of Father Peter Sanczenko’s courtdate today. Did it carry on as scheduled?  or was it rescheduled, or adjourned to another date?  If I hear nothing I will try to find out tomorrow.


A reminder for those in the Edmonton Alberta area that Oblate priest and former fugitive Father Eric Dejager has a court date (“for a plea”) at 9 am in Edmonton, Alberta on Thursday 04 March 2012.  If you are free and within driving distance I encourage you attend.

I encourage everyone to attend these court hearings where at all possible.  As I have said before, it is important that judges and lawyers see there is public interest in these cases, and it is important that complainants see that there is some support for them. I truly never cease to be amazed at how very few people show up for these court hearings.  If you want to understand what happens in court  when a priest is charged, then the best thing in the world to do is get to the courthouse when and where you can.  In a ‘high profile’ case there is often more media than public in attendance.  I don’t understand why that is, aside  supposing that people perhaps think they are not allowed to attend.  These proceedings are public.  Take advantage of the freedom we have to see and hear first hand what happens in a court of law, and why it is so important to be there to support the complainants.


I added Father Bruno Primavera ‘s name to the Accused list.

Back in the 70s Primavera, a priest with the Archdiocese of Toronto, was affiliated with St. Michael’s Boys Choir School in Toronto.  As you will see, Primavera was shipped off to the States in the latter part of the 70s.  And, as you will see, officials within the Toronto archdiocese were alert to the fact that there were, at the very least, very early warning signals regarding Primavera’s conduct around teenage boys.  As much as we hear now that ‘they’ didn’t understand ‘they’ certainly  seemed able to put the pieces together here and were keen, as essentially was or became custom,  to get him out of one area and into another.

Primavera was taken into the Norwich Diocese (Connecticut) where he molested one young lad at the first parish to which he was assigned.  Primavera was recyled, and molested another young lad.  Eventually Primavera wound up in New Mexico, and, yes, there he molested again.  In the latter instance he was charged and convicted. In the first two cases two lawsuits launched in the early 2002 were settled for sums in the millions.

Note that, according to media reports, while still in Toronto Primavera received counselling from a “Catholic psychiatrist”  who advised that the priest be sent elsewhere!

At some point Primavera, now deceased, was laicized, but this was after he had repeatedly used and abused his collar and priestly status to  prey on and molest the young and vulnerable.

I have nothing which specifically indicates that Primavera was  caught molesting while in Toronto, but I certainly question what Auxiliary Bishop Thomas B Fulton meant when he wrote that “although no public scandal resulted, [Father Primavera’s] conduct was such that it was found advisable to transfer him to another parish.”

I will try to get a copy of the Fulton letter so we can see it verbatim. ( A reminder that this information was unearthed during disclosure in a civil action.  There is much information which can and has been be accrued through lawsuits.  )


Gremlins at work again with my software.  It’s been a bit of a nuisance trying to get things posted for the past few days, with my software protesting at every turn, and me trying to find ways to trick it into letting me do what I must.  This seems to happen from time to time, and then months go by without problem.   Months have gone by, and here we are!  So, a reminder that if you happen on a black screen and an error message  I am undoubtedly in the midst of trying to post an article, and in a jiffy it will be be alright – just refresh your screen.  This has been happening as I post articles.  I think I have found a way to circumvent going to the black screen, but sometimes the machine wins and I lose 🙁


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