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Computers!  Love ’em or hate ’em!

I had a page set to post on Father Paul Abbass’s affiliation with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.  When I clicked to post – poof!  It was gone.

That happens from time to time, but this time was particularly disheartening.  I had been rounding up the information off and on for several hours.   I was relieved to have it done.  And, …it’s gone!

Thankfully I have the files saved, but what a nuisance.

I will get at it and should have it together again fairly soon.

I have also been working at putting together a page for another priest on the Accused list.  It all looked quite straight-forward, until I discovered he was saying Mass long after I thought he was out of the priesthood!  I have to do a little digging around there to see if I can find out what that is all about.  I won’t mention the name until I have it together, but, this priest was convicted!   I was floored to find him listed as saying Mass just a few years ago.

More on that to come….


Just in case you missed it, there are now 62 charges against Father George Smith.  Yes, that’s right, 62. 24 more charges were laid in a Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse today:

23 February 2012:  Newfoundland priest faces 24 new sexual abuse charges

I commend every one of those who has gone to police to see justice done.

Note too that, in the wake of the charges against Father  Rene Labelle, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School in Kingston is offering counselling services for students.

22 February 2012:  Counselling available to students

What, I wonder, does a counsellor tell students under these circumstances?  Charges have been laid.  That’s it to date.  Do they, the counsellors,  tell students that they must remember that Father Labelle is innocent until proven guilty?  Is that it?  What else dare they say?

I truly am puzzled.  I can not imagine what the children are being told.

Maybe, just maybe, they are urging any and all students with allegations against Father Labelle to go to police? I hope that is the case. And I personalty urge anyone out there with allegations to please contact police.

Enough for now,


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