“to enter a plea”

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Father George Smith has a court date in Corner Brook, Newfoundland this morning, “to enter a plea.” I don’t unfortunately have  a time.   Usually these cases are early in the morning, but that is not a given.  If you are close enough and free to make a run to the courthouse early in the morning to check and attend please do.

Please remember the complainants in your prayers.  And. as always, please send an update or link to media coverage.


Yesterday was a day to try to get some loose ends taken care of.  As I mentioned elsewhere, I tried to find out when Father Hod Marshall’s Ontario court date is.  Most will recall that Marshall, who is presently incarcerated near Kingston, Ontario, was charged 07 February past in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  The last news was that he would be making his first court appearance on those charges here in Ontario.

Well, I thought by now a date would have been set.  If it has, I can’t find for the life of me out where or when.  Many phone calls later the best I know is that the files are all being/have been transferred from Saskatchewan to Ontario and the case will be handled in Ontario.  Who knows where or when?  There is nothing to date on the roster in Kingston. Am I checking too early?  or, should I be checking the courthouse in Windsor, Ontario?  or perhaps Ottawa?


Perhaps I will wait another week or so and try again?  If anyone has an inkling of the where or when please pass it along


Father Linus Bastein‘s next court date is 13 March 2012.

Father Rheal LeBlanc scc next court date is 18 April 2012.


If you happened on the site yesterday and it momentarily looked as though it was down, that was not the case.  I don’t know what happened but every time I tried to post the following article the site went into a tizzy.  I finally found a way around the problem and managed to get it posted.  Here is the culprit:

21 October 2012: Learning about the power of slow and the right to joy

more lighthouse talk from “Gabe”


Good news!  A lawyer disbarred  for taking nearly $1 million from 55 victims of residential schools.

21 February 2012: Lawyer disbarred, pleads guilty to taking nearly $1 million from residential school survivors


Ash Wednesday yesterday.  We are into Lent.  A time to remember that Christ suffered and hung on the Cross for love of each and every one of us, and for our sins.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to “to enter a plea”

  1. Walter Holman says:


    I am surprised that you included this comment, “Ash Wednesday yesterday. We are into Lent. A time to remember that Christ suffered and hung on the Cross for love of each and every one of us, and for our sins,” in your post. I guess I didn’t realize you are a practising Catholic, attend services and observe Ash Wednesday. I am shocked. How can you support a corrupt institution like the RCC now that you know about and expose the abuse, the cover-ups and the lies. Catholics, and especially adult female Catholics who attend services and give money to the RCC are aiding and abetting one of the most corrupt institutions in the world.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with the gist of what you say. There seems to be a systemic control problem in the RCC, and it starts right at the top! Having said this, I would politely take you to task on your remarks to Sylvia. I have very high regard for her, and her web-site. I, nor anyone else, should fault her for her personal religious beliefs. Even in the face of this sickness which HAS corrupted the RCC, it appears not to have shaken her faith in God, and I personally commend her for that.
    I believe that faith in the RCC and faith in God are two separate and distinct practises, and rightly so. The RCC would like us all to believe that both faiths are all wrapped up in one neat package called the RCC, but it’s just not true.
    My faith in the RCC is gone forever, but my faith in God is still possible, and may very well re-surface one of these days. This is in no small part due to Sylvia’s recent advice to me, which I cherish.
    By the way, unless I have missed something, Sylvia didn’t say anything about putting money into the collection basket.
    This is just my opinion Walter, and I hope you are not offended by the difference in opinion. Mike.

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