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No news as yet on Father Linus Bastien‘s day in a Windsor Ontario courtroom to answer to the 18 new charges.

I’ve posted a number of articles today.  I will list a few with brief comments:

(1) 14 February 2012:  Priest convicted of child molestation may be deported

Superiaso must be laicized/defrocked.  Forgive, and have all the faith in the world in him, but ensure that never ever again can he use and abuse the priesthood to prey

(2) 24 November 1999: Priest’s personnel file gives few clues to his sex crimes

There was Bishop Raymond Lahey back in 1992 intervening to get convicted molester Father Kevin Bennett out of prison.  And there he was assuring that Bennett would be sent off for treatment and would have “the security and guidance to once again lead a normal life within society.”

And this promise of “guidance” to help a convicted sexual predator lead a “normal” life from a bishop who was later convicted for possession of child pornography!

(3)   31 July 1980:  Chaplain Guilty of sex assault 31 July 1980

This is in relation to convicted child-molester and military chaplain Father Angus McRae.   It’s not a great copy but it is readable. Ignore the second page – that is from a 1989 article.  I will delete it later

Note that a Father Hamilton, assistant to Edmonton Archbishop Joseph MacNeil, said that McRae’s sentence would likely be appealed and that , despite the conviction, “it’s possible” McRae would be allowed to continue to function as a priest. And, note that he would be booted from the military “with disgrace” because his sentence exceeded two years.

(4) 22 July 1989:  Priest who molested boys gets three years probation

Nine years later here is McRae, convicted again!  He had served only 10 months of his four year sentence.  He was shipped off to Southdown and then quietly recycled to the Archdiocese of Toronto where Archbishop Emmett Carter kindly gave him a parish (St. Thomas More in Scarborough). (I wonder if he got out after ten months with a promise he’d be sent for treatment and then be supervised?  Since that was the tactic Lahey took with Bennet I think it’s highly possible?)

Note that, according to the Crown, the parents of the boys said they were convinced the boys had received no long-term psychological harm and they, the parents, were “very anxious to see the matter resolved with no further embarrassment.”

I wonder how those boys are now?

(5)   14 February 2012: Prosecutor seeks 11 years, 8 months in jail for ex-priest

The court system in Italy is very different.   No matter, the trial is ongoing and  the prosecutor is asking for five years and 8 months!

(6)  09 February 2012:  Supreme Court halts trial of priest on buggery charge

And sad to say the buggery charges will disappear because someone didn’t dot their “i”s and cross their “t”s.  Unbelievable!

(7) 13 February 2012: Cloyne Report priest threatens legal action against texters and complainants

This seems to be the new order of the day in Ireland – clergy convicted or accused are suing!

(8) 09 February 2012: Crown pushes for appeal in MacIntosh case

Good news on this.  And well it should be appealed.

(9)  13 February 2012:  Eastbourne brothers speak of church sex abuse ordeal

This one relates to a priest with the Church of England (Anglican), but, note the molester would take the boys to France where ” he visited a Catholic priest who took indecent photographs of the children.”

Who was the priest I wonder?

Happy St. Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂

Enough for now,



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