‘For the record’

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Father Linus Bastien has a court date tomorrow at the Windsor, Ontario courthouse.  He is to answer to the 18 new charges laid last month.

Because this is his first appearance on those charges I was unable to get the start time.  That’s a rather strange directive but that’s the way it is.  However, it is almost guaranteed that the hearing will start at 09:30 am, and if not then, at 10:00 am.

As I always I encourage those who are able to do so to attend.  It is important for the complainants to know that others care.  It is also importation that those in the judiciary know that people are watching.  And, I believe it is also very important that people become familiar with the court system and start to understand what happens from the time charges are first laid until many many months, and usually in Canada well over a year  later when the case finally goes to trial.

Please pass on links or news of what happens.  And, as always, keep the complainants in your prayers.


Father Jose Silva’s next court date is 20 July 2012.  That is the only information I could get at this time.


I finally got around to scanning and posting two files today.  I have been meaning to get this done for some time  but seemed to get side-tracked along the way :):  So, it is done.  I could have done a better job and would prefer that I had them either all together or as three separate documents.  Time permitting I will go back and do one or the other.  And, time permitting I will also convert and post them in text.  For now I want to get them up and ‘on the record’

Inquiry Classes in Archdiocese of Ottawa Fall 1968

Inquiry Classes in Archdiocese of Ottawa 1968 and 1971 

When I saw these many years ago I was horrified to see Fathers Barry McGrory, Dale Crampton and John Beahen (later Bishop) actively involved instructing the flock in such fashion.  I suppose it is really no worse than such men being priests and having a parish, but giving lecturers in such a setting allows them to reach and influence Catholics well beyond their own individual parish.

I was also intrigued to see that canon law guru Father Frank Morrissey omi was so actively involved in the Archdiocese back then.   I knew he was busy in other areas but had no idea he was actively involved in the Archdiocese itself to the extent that he was giving diocesan lectures to herald some new approach to adult education.

And, of course, it is interesting to see that  Brendan O’Brien , now Archbishop of Kingston and formerly Archbishop of St. John’s Newfoundland,  and former Bishop of Pembroke Ontario, and former Auxiliary Bishop of Kingston Ontario was part of the lecture series too.

These Inquiry Classes, by the way, were conducted while Joseph Aurele Plourde, former Auxiliary Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall Ontario, was Archbishop of Ottawa.

All ‘for the record.’

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to ‘For the record’

  1. Sylvia says:

    The links weren’t working. I’ve just fixed them 🙂

  2. Michel Bertrand says:

    They are working well now Sylvia. I find it hard to understand how the priests convicted offering classes on the specific subjects could still function despite their crimes. How could they ever reconcile their behaviour against the abuse they subjected onto children. Not much honesty of character and not much being true to self. Mind boggling.

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