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I have been doing some research on an issue – I am awaiting a call back and email reply.  All being well I should be able to share with you late tomorrow or Thursday.

That aside I had to spend some time today fixing things up on the site.  The New to the Site page was overloaded.  It locked on me on the control panel –  I couldn’t access it all to add new postings.  Then it dawned on me that it was probably overloaded and the time had come yet again to create a new page.  I relocated all the new postings from 01 August to 28 December 2011 to a new page.  Once that was done all was well 🙂 I actually debated not posting the old pages of the old New to the Site links but decided that they may come in handy to someone who is looking for a posting from a specific date and isn’t sure where to find it on the site. If they help people find what they are looking for I will certainly leave them.

Enough for now,


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