No shame?

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A very busy day.  Quickly…..

I posted the John Carson MacKenzie Statement of Claim alleging abuse by Father Malcolm MacEachern (no relation)

01 December 2010:   John Carson MacKenzie Statement of Claim re Fr. Malcolm MacEachern

Father Malcolm MacEachern became Bishop of Charlottetown, PEI.  He was essentially molesting that boy until he, MacEachern, headed off to Charlottetown.  And then in due course MacEachern was off to Rome as one of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council.  He attended all sessions.

I cringe.  True, the allegations have not been proven in court, still, I cringe.

John, I commend you for speaking up.


I draw your attention here to a comment I just posted on the Father Barry McGrory page. A strange turn of events indeed.  Do these priests have no shame?  None?!!

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to No shame?

  1. Sylvia: Is it not a tragedy that we have to deal with such nonsense when we run a blog? We have to deal with many idiots demanding that their ‘rights’ be 100% respected and that they not be subjected to labels they don’t appreciate. Did he have the same concern about the child that he abused? Sadly, they leave it up to we priests who have been faithful to our obligations under both religious and civil law who are left to carry the shame for them who failed.

    Personally, I do not understand how ANYONE (ordained or not) could have enough chutzpah to make such a demand of you after being criminally convicted of sexually abusing a child! Let’s just settle on using adjectives like ‘perverted’, ‘predator’ or ‘criminal’ if he objects so strongly to being called a ‘pedophile’ priest. There can be no doubt that each of these adjectives perfectly apply to this man.

    Priests like this one make even me sick!

    Fr. Tim

    • Lina says:

      I agree with your post above Fr. Tim Moyle.

      Fr. Tim,
      What about that great idea that you agreed on and told Sylvia on January 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm about you getting in touch:
      …..’Contact the bishop and ask that prayers be said at Sunday Masses at all churches in the diocese for the victims and for those who suffer directly or indirectly because of the sex abuse scandal’.?

      And I added while your at it Fr. Tim ask Bishop Mulhall what he plans to do about Bishop Raymond Lahey’s name in that Catholic Book of Worship III.

      That full page towards the beginning of that hymn book should be taken out or covered with some thing a holy picture or something else etc…?

      Did you get talking to Bishop Mulhall yet?

      • Lina: He’s apparently away until well into the start of February. I’m scheduled to meet with him near the end of the month. I will indeed raise the issue of recommending prayers for victims with him. As a mass attender in Pembroke, you should know soon after what he decides.

        Regarding the CBW issue: May I suggest that there is an web link to the Bishop’s email on the Diocesan website and that you should express your opinion to him on the subject. I’ve never had the CBW in any of the Churches I’ve served in as pastor. They were all bilingual parishes with one set of bilingual hymn books. They couldn’t afford to purchase two complete sets of hymn books, especially ones as expensive as the CBW (I, II, or III). You can speak from the experience of one who has actually encountered Lahey’s presence in your parish hymn book. I believe he might respond favorably to your suggestion, especially if it’s coming from a practicing Catholic lay person. Coming from a priest who has never used it would not carry nearly as much weight.

        Just a suggestion.

        Fr. Tim

  2. Lina says:

    Fr. Tim…it’s good you will be speaking to the Bishop about those prayers Sylvia spoke about.

    As for that Bishop Raymond Lahey’s name in that Catholic Book of Worship III….I will keep in mind what you suggested.

    Thank you!

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