He is indeed a criminal

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A court date for Father Jose Silva this morning in Hamilton, Ontario.  I don’t have a time but this date is simply to set a date for his next appearance so he won’t be there and it will be over and done with in the twinkle of an eye.


A guilty plea today from Father James Boudreau:

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults longer version

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults

25 October 2012:  Retired priest pleads guilty

It took Boudreau a year to decide that he was guilty.  Faster than many I know, but still a lot of time to meditate and play the ‘not guilty’ game.  I still do not understand how these men can go on and on and on – in and out of court date time after time – and all the while feigning innocence.  I am sure at  his sentencing we’ll hear that Boudreau deserves hugs and praise for his guilty plea.  It goes right over the top of my head.

But, he is guilty.  Boudreau is indeed a sexual predator.  And yes, he is indeed a criminal.  And he did indeed molest those boys.

To the two victims who came forward, thank you!  Thanks to your courage we now know that Father James Boudreau is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  You stripped off the sheep’s clothing for us.  We see the wolf.  Thank you!

And now it’s up to Bishop Doug Crosby.  Has he put the wheels in motion to have Boudreau laicized/defrocked?  He should.  Has he?  Will he?  He must.  Boudreau has proven himself unfit to be a priest.


 I hear via the grapevine that the former bishop of Antigonish, and now convicted criminal Raymond Lahey, is house hunting in Vancouver.  True or false?  I don’t know with certainty, but, keep an open eye out there on the West coast.

Also, I am told that Lahey spent  a lot of time in Saskatoon over the last few years.  In fact, Catholics in Antigonish complain he was never there, and  some in Saskatoon felt that he practically lived in their fair city.

What, I wonder, was the attraction in Saskatoon?


I have heard nothing as yet of (1) Father Eric Dejaeger omi court date of yesterday  in Edmonton Alberta, or (2) the Father Rheal LeBlanc csc court date of yesterday in Welland, Ontario.  If anyone has any news on either please pass it along.


I have more bits and pieces of info from the Archdiocese of Ottawa to post.  All being well I will do some more scanning and posting tomorrow.

Enough for now,


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