Revolving door

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A reminder that Father Linus Bastien has a court date this morning at 09:30 am in Windsor Ontario.

It’s always hard to know what exactly will happen at these ‘revolving door’ hearings.  I call them ‘revolving door’ because really, that’s what it seemed like to me when I first started following court cases.  The lawyers it seemed were in and out of courtrooms, – on and on and on.  For someone who once naively thought a trial was always just around the corner, it was a rude awakening for me!

Bastein may or may not be at today’s hearing.  And there may or may not be something of merit happening in court regarding the charges.  Sometimes it’s just a case of picking another court date.  Often it is a junior lawyer from the firm who shows up, and likewise it is often an assistant to the Crown or Assistant Crown who is handling the case.

Anyway, today is the day.  Please keep the complainants in your prayers.  No matter what does or does not happen today they come to this day filled with a multitude of hopes and fears. Each court date is difficult.

As always, please pass on links to any media coverage

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