The Bobbsey twins

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More allegations, this time from the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.

A lawsuit has been launched alleging sexual abuse by Father Paul Hamilton.  The plaintiff,  Joseph Hanoski, alleges the abuse began when he was 16 and continued for several years.  The allegations date to Hamilton’s years at Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church in Belleville, Ontario, and, according to media reports, specifically to the years 1997 to 2002.

There have been rumblings about Father Hamilton for years.  I recall hearing some years back that he was pulled from Holy Rosary without explanation, and later learned that, on the heels of his departure from Holy Rosary,  he had been shipped off to Southdown.  All was kept hush hush.  When he returned to the Kingston area he was not allowed to function as a priest.  Still, not a word from the bishop.

According to media reports Hamilton has not been serving in the Archdiocese for seven years.  That marries with what I have heard from various sources.  I believe Father Paul Hamilton has in fact been living with a family member.  I also heard over the years that he was trying to get back into ministry but was turned down by both Archbishop Brendan O’Brien and his predecessor Archbishop Anthony Meagher.

There are many questions here:

(1) Why was Hamilton removed from Holy Rosary?

(2)  Why was Hamilton  shipped off to Southdown?

(3)  Why was Father Hamilton not allowed to function as a priest?

(4)  If at least two bishops considered Hamilton unfit to serve as a priest, why was he not defrocked?

Note too that the Statement of Claim names Father Michael Reed as a defendant in the lawsuit.  Reed, according to the lawsuit, knew what was happening and failed to report to the proper authorities.

I will add Father Michael Reed’s name to the Accused list, as one who, in this instance, is accused of cover-up.

Father Reed and Hamilton were like the Bobbsey twins.  They vacationed together, frequently, and all over creation.  And they visited back and forth, frequently – Reed generally off to visit Hamilton at Holy Rosary.

I recall many years ago being shocked to learn that one or both were advertising Tilley hats.  I am sure I recall a picture of at least one of them sporting the hat in the ad, and think I may still have it somewhere.

Reed, who was pastor at Blessed Sacrament in Kingston and St. Bartholomew in Amherst Island,  was suddenly placed on administrative leave in early November 2011.  No explanation.

I will add more info as I can.


Father Yvon Doiron’s sentencing hearing is 30 January 2012 in Campbellton, New Brunswick (1:30 pm)

I am awaiting a call back to get the next court date for Father Kenneth O’Keefe.

Enough for now.


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15 Responses to The Bobbsey twins

  1. taught well says:


    You really seem to enjoy all this…. “thou protesteth too much.”

    Get a life!

    Taught Well

  2. MikeMc says:

    To: Taught Well……..but I think you “failed” this one. This site reveals and explores many facets of the abuse problems of the RC Church. I’d even say it has left no stone unturned. If the Church is to continue, it needs a complete revamping of its Ministry and ministers. re….From the Pope on down. “Protesteth too much”??? Au contraire – The protests are just beginning.

  3. Terry Coveney says:

    Thank God for people like Sylvia who expose these priests for what they are. If there is priests that are wrongfully accused then to bad that is the price the Catholic Church pays for covering up for all these years.

  4. Mr T says:

    I see these two around town. They sure look like they’re a couple.

  5. Keltin Q says:

    Blessed Sacrament is in Amhertview Ontario, not Kingston !

    If you are doing facts lets get them right !*

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks Keltin. I have changed it to Amherstview. The index in the directory shows Father Reed at 3 Bricso St., Kingston. As you no doubt know, that is the street address for Blessed Sacrament Church. Thanks for drawing that to my attention.

  6. PJ says:

    Well said MikeMc…let’s hope that church of cards tumbles. And “Taught Well”…WWAAAAAAHHHHHH. Go wipe your tears on popesy’s skirt, or just hide behind it with all the cowardly collars.

  7. Mike says:

         No, “taught well”, I will attest to the fact that Sylvia doesn’t enjoy this at all! I can tell you that her heart is breaking over all of this, yet she still continues to stand up for her Church.
         I for one (of many) admire her for her courage in firstly not being afraid to report the truth, and secondly for supporting the victims of these criminals.
         I’m one of them, and her advice and support has actually given me a small chance at renewing that faith.
          Strange thing is, I didn’t get that support and encouragement when I approached the church about my case nearly 8 years ago.
         Are you just “stirring the pot”, or is your head stuck really deep in the sand?    Mike.

  8. John WAy says:

    I find this site disturbing since it condemns these priests before they are proven guilty. Perhaps they are but that if for God to judge, not us. We are to pray for them because they are fallen human beings like we all are. ‘Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone’. It also appears that only priests are guilty a/t this site – no mention of the teachers, hockey coaches, police officers etc. There is not a single group who could be found ‘not guilty’. One of the reasons why the Roman Empire fell was due to sexual sins and no one seems to realize that the same thing is happening today. History repeats itself. Until our nations return to God -[prayer in schools, at gov’t meetings etc., teaching the Ten Commandments, and daily worship of Almighty God], we will continue having people turn to what they think are the pleasures of life. God DOES NOT NEED US, WE NEED Him. Let us pray faithfully for these individuals who are in need of conversion and for ourselves that we may refrain from judging. Let GOD do HIS Job!

    • Sylvia says:

      I am a practicing Roman Catholic who deplores the sexual abuse and associated cover-ups within the Church and the manner in which vict8ims are treated, hence this site. I do cover a few non-clerical Catholic molesters here – wish I could do more, but I am one person.

      Yes, you are right, there are countless predatory teachers, hockey coaches and non Catholic clergy. That does not in any way shape or form justify what has happened to children in the Church. Yes, I understand that a molester can perhaps stealthily gain entry into, for example, the priesthood, but, once his predatory activities are known he should be gone – out of the priesthood. These men rape the souls and destroy the faith of their victims; they betray their victims and the families of their victims; they betray their Church, fellow priests, and all Roman Catholics. They are not fit to be priests and sully the priesthood by their presence.

      Yes, when these priests go to meet their Maker they will be judged by Him, meanwhile, here one earth, children must be protected and wolves in sheep’s clothing must be exposed.

      And, by all means pray for the clerical molesters, but pray also for the thousands upon thousands of suffering victims. They need your prayers.

    • BC says:

      Cui bono?
      Indeed; who would gain from madvocating that perverts should not be prosecuted? Who??

  9. PJ says:

    John Way….stop hiding behind your biblical quotes and pontifications…the truth of the matter is this church doesn’t care about the victims period. And what part of the title of this website do you not understand?? It reads, “Blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada”. It’s about the church and it’s pervert collars…not the other groups you have mentioned.

  10. Mac says:

    Concerning the Bobbsey twins. These two with Fr. Steven Hill and Mr. Stephen Fagan were involved with the Columbian Squires (organization for Catholic males in their youth) at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Ottawa. The Columbian Squires are a sub-group of the Knights of Columbus. In the 1980s, the Columbian Squires had a chapter at Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Stephen Fagan was not ordained but he was a high ranking official with the Knights of Columbus. He pled guilty in 2014 to child sex crimes from 1984. The crimes were committed on a trip from Ottawa to Belleville

    • Sylvia says:

      Did Stephen Fagan attend Mount Carmel Mac? or was it that he attended Squires at Mount Carmel when Father Stephen Hill was there? I was a parishioner at Mount Carmel for about two years in the mid 80s. I don’t remember him at all.

  11. Mac says:

    This would have been in the early 1980s at OLF.

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