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Father Eric Dejaeger is going to become a frequent flier.  More charges for the previously convicted molester and former fugitive Oblate priest:

10 January 2012:  Dejaeger back in Nunavut court this month

Dejaeger is currently in custody in Edmonton, Alberta  facing sex abuse allegations from two complainants in that area.  Barring a change, his next court date in Edmonton is scheduled for 25 January 2012.

Now a new court date in Iqaluit, Nunavut on 23 January 2012.  That means Dejaeger will be hustled back to Iqaluit for the 23rd, and then back to Edmonton for the 25th.  Then,  at some point, he’ll be shipped back to Iqaluit for his 20 February 2012 preliminary hearing.

Actually, I wonder if, with new charges, his prelim will proceed as scheduled in February?  I will try to find out. [see blog below – there are no new charges]


I have been very busy with site-related activities.  For various reasons I can not at this point in time divulge what is keeping me busy, but, as soon as I can I will.

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4 Responses to Frequent flier

  1. Sylvia says:

    There are no new charges. This is not Dejaeger’s first appearance on any of the charges.

    Since Dejaeger is being arraigned, all of the charges against him will be read out to him, and then, as I understand it, he is expected to enter a plea, either “guilty” or “not guilty.”

    Is a guilty plea on all the Iqaluit charges in the offing here? Is that what’s happening? I’m a bit confused given that dates for a preliminary hearing had already been set. I will try to find out more.

    The time for the arraignment is 09:30 am.

  2. Michel Bertrand says:

    Could it be as discussed previously a transfer of charges to either Edmonton or to Iqaluit ??? It is coming out of nowhere and unscheduled …I wonder….I would hold back on getting air fare to the north to be witness to his court dates??

  3. Lieve Halsberghe says:

    I do hope he will plead guilty to all his crimes, and this time ALL his crimes, not only the ones he has been charged with. Not all the victims have yet pressed charges, in Canada, but most likely also in Europe, where, contrary to Canada, there is a statue of limitations for these crimes against children.
    Dejaeger lived in many places before being caught in Baker Lake in 1989, and after fleeing back to Europe in 1995.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Yes Lieve, let’s hope he pleads guilty, and includes in his plea those offences for which he has not yet been charged!

    Re countries where there is a statute of limitations: I encourage anyone who was sexually abused or assaulted by Eric Dejaeger to speak out. Even if you can not pursue criminal charges your story will help us all to understand the magnitude of Dejaeger’s sexual perversion.

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