We shall see…

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Bishop Raymond Lahey will be sentenced tomorrow morning: 10 am, courtroom #2, Ottawa courthouse.  I will be pleasantly surprised if he is not out as of tomorrow, or, if not tomorrow, very very shortly thereafter.

It will be interesting to see what conditions are attached to his release.  Internet access or no?   We shall see!


The holidays are over.  My husband was back to work today.  I too am getting back to ‘work.’  I haven’t been blogging much at all over the past days because my husband was on holiday – he puts up with me at the computer day in and day out so I really felt it would be unfair if I were to spend time in front of the computer during Christmas holiday.

So, now we move into the New Year!

I posted a number of articles today.  Check New to the Site (access manually by clicking on the “NEW” tab on the horizontal menu under the picture above.)  Most of the articles warrant comment but I probably won’t get to that today.

I will attend Bishop Lahey’s sentencing tomorrow so will not be doing much on the site until late afternoon or early evening.  After tomorrow I should be back on top of things and will get at emails which require a response.

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to We shall see…

  1. Pius 1974 says:

    I attended St Pius X from 1969 to 1974 and yes Father Allen would ask us if we wanted to wrestle in his room. We were on the football team and lickily smelled a rat as he was not the wrestling coach!

    There was a teacher, an incredibly popular (lay) male teacher who sexually abused students. Rumours were everywhere. This same teacher was a popular athletics coach and in 1970 he somehow lost his coaching privileges and never again coached youth.

    His popularity has stifled hsi victims but I plead with them to come forward! Even though he is retired he may still be raping male students!!

  2. Pius 1974 says:

    Spell check “luckily smelled a rat”

  3. Sylvia says:

    I agree Pius 1974. If anyone has sex abuse allegations against a lay teacher at Pius X (in Ottawa) please got to the police.

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