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I have  just discovered that the translate feature which was provided on this site with every posting and blog is no longer functional.  The  ‘plug-in’ which I had added to the site many many months ago is no longer functional because Google translate no longer provides that particular service free to those who develop and use these plugins.

However, the Google Translator which is also on Sylvia’s Site is still functional.  The Google Translator can be accessed on the column on the right hand of the page, right under “Search Sylvia’s Site”  and directly above the calendar.  Just select your language of choice and the entire page, including comments,  will be translated – virtually instantly.

I found the option and ability to translate individual comments very convenient and will personally  miss it, but, there’s not much I can do about it.  I and all who use the translator will just have to learn to use the Google Translator.  It actually works very well.  True enough, as with all such instant translations, the results are often somewhat lacking and frequently quite humorous, but they do give a gist of the content of the article or blog.

Enough for now,


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