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A few court dates to take note of:

(1) Father Linus Bastien had a court date at 09:30 am in the Windsor, Ontario court house this morning.  If anyone knows the outcome and the next court date would you please either post a comment on his page or pass the info along to me at:

(2) There is a pre-trial conference for FatherJames Boudreau tomorrow morning in the courthouse in Guelph, Ontario.  That will not be open to the public.

(3) Tomorrow at 2 pm, Victoria, BC court house, a trial date will be set for Father Philip Jacobs.


Well, it’s quiet 🙂  It seems the storm blew through and now all is quiet.  Very strange.

I posted a few articles today and just meditated on the event of the past few days.   I had hoped we Catholics had started to move beyond the days out lashing out at victims and minimizing the horror of clerical sexual abuse.  Perhaps not?

On one hand I understand that those close to and/or sorely betrayed by a clerical molester want to deny and strike out.  On the other hand I can not imagine how painful that is for the victims, both those who have come forward and those who are still battling their inner demons to find the courage and strength to speak up.

Perhaps victims can understand that others have been victimized too, albeit in a different way, and that this is all part of the painful process of acknowledging that “Father” is not all people thought him to be?  I realize that, for whatever inexplicable reason, and to their great shame, some Catholics never do reach that point and will continue to excuse and tolerate the intolerable.  But, on the other hand, many do –  it just takes a little longer for the truth to settle in and hit home.  In all of this we need to remember how hard it must be for some to accept the fact that they have been betrayed by a priest, and sometimes in the process cunningly taken on the ride of our lives.

The out pouring of the last few days was, for me, a reminder that there are many to remember in our prayers when a clerical molester is convicted.

Despite it all, I continue to encourage those who have been molested to go to police.  I encourage parents of children who have suffered clerical sex abuse to walk beside their children every step of the way to see that justice is done: they need you.  I say the same for husbands, wives and friends of victims.  The victims need and can gain strength to do what must be done if you are there to help and encourage them every step of the way. They need to know they are not alone.  They need to know that there is no shame in being a victim.  Those closet to them can help them most. Reach out to them.  Please, reach out to them.

I also encourage victims who are struggling to talk to those near and dear to you.  If you have never told them what happened to you, let them  know.  Ask for their help in moving forward.  Don’t be ashamed.  The shame is not yours to bear.  Never ever forget that.  Put the shame where it rightly belongs, on the shoulders of your molester.

Enough for now,



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