Disturbing. Important.

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Well, yesterday was over and done with before I knew it!  Another busy day on the phone, plus spent time working on my laptop so that hopefully my email will work while I’m away. ( I’ve had problems with sending and/or receiving emails on it in the past so decided to try to sort out what the problem might be with the settings. The only time I open my emails on the laptop is when I’m away from home.) After some fiddling and testing I can send and receive emails on my laptop in both my personal and Sylvia’s Site email boxes.  It’s now working properly here – I’ll cross my fingers that it will work while I’m out West.

I have a number of articles ready to post on Brother Joseph Burke – a little more work there and it will be ready to post.  I really do want to get that taken care of before I go – once I’m back the Monsignor Robert Borne sex abuse trial is on and I’ll be busy with that. Today I will be out and about getting shopping done.  I will do my best to wrap it up the Burke info this evening.

There’s also some media coverage I really do want to get posted, particularly this news about Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, the psychiatrist who examined Father Shawn Ratigan, and about this intriguing organization,  Opus Bono Sacerdotiito,  to which Fitzgibbons serves as adviser.  With luck I will get that info on the site before I leave.  Disturbing.  Important.

Enough for now,







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