Good from evil?

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It’s been a very different day.

I realized the Sandusky/Penn  State  scandal was having a profound impact on people, but I had no idea just how profound until it hit me personally.

This morning I posted two articles re Penn State, both dealing with the recognition in the States  that victims who have no connection to Penn State at all are coming forward and speaking up, often for the first time, and specifically because of the Penn State scandal and cover-up:

16 November 2011: “Penn State Scandal Emboldens Other Abuse Victims” & “Scandal In Happy Valley: A Guide To The Principal Figures In The Sandusky Case”

16 November 2011: Penn State case having effect on other alleged child abuse victims

This morning I talked to a lady in the States.  She had contacted me yesterday to tell me that she had been sexually abused by Brother Clement Aidan Murphy, a Christian Brother from  Newfoundland.  She wondered if I had any information on him and asked me to call her.  “This evil man is now deceased, but he ruined my life in so many ways.”  she wrote.

I found some information on Brother Clement A Murphy, enough to know that he was a native of Terrenceville, Newfoundland, joined the Christian Brothers in 1923, made his perpetual vows in 1931, did graduate work at St. Mary’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, New York City College and Loyola University, became an American citizen in 1954, and taught in nine Christian Brothers Schools in Canada and the United States before landing at Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons High School in Schenectady, NY in 1959.

I don’t know where Murphy taught in  Canada, but this lady has information which connects him to  St. John’s,  Newfoundland.

Today I called this lady.

We talked.  She told me that she had been sexually abused for two years by this Christian Brother.  She was in Grade 3 when it started.

And then, out of the blue, she asked if I was aware of what was happening at Penn State.  She told me that she has decided to speak up specifically because of that.

Shortly after that conversation I had an email from a victim here in  Canada with whom I have talked to in the past.  We hadn’t had contact for some time.

He wanted to tell me the amazing impact the Sandusky and  Penn  State  media coverage has had on him!

He talked about the candle light vigil.  There was something about that vigil.  Something happened to him.  He feels that for the first time ever he is comfortable saying that he was sexually abused.  He feels that somehow that vigil reached beyond Penn State and out  to all victims everywhere – that people were not only holding a candle for the Sadansky victims, but that each who was holding a candle was at the same time thinking of the other victims they know, be it a father, a brother, a sister, and/or a dear friend, ….and that somehow they were thinking of him, and they were thinking  of all of you out there who have suffered the pain, anguish, shame and humiliation of childhood sex abuse.

He feels that somehow that vigil sent a message that victims don’t need to feel dirty, and that they aren’t “weird,” and that the masses are there for them

He is aware that perhaps not all see it that way, but that is the message he got, and it really hit home.

So, yes, something is happening.   Something good.

Strange as it seems, the  Penn  State scandal is having a profound and very positive effect on victims, not just in the States, but here in  Canada  as well.

Isn’t it strange?  Here is a situation wherin good is coming from evil.  It’s not often that we can witness that first-hand, but, here it is.  After reading those articles, and talking to those two victims, I see it that way.  An evil has been done.  A good is coming of it. Please God it will continue.

Thank Heaven for all of those who rallied at  Penn State.  Their message is reverberating across the continent.


I’ve been on the phone most of the day so nothing accomplished as far as getting information together on Brother Joseph Burke.  I will try to get back at it this evening.

I did put up a shell of a page for  Mount  Cashel.  I felt that I needed to do that before I go any further.

The page can be accessed manually by clicking on “RC Scandal” – then “Mount  Cashel.”  Or let your cursor hover over RC Scandal – then scroll down to click on “Mount  Cashel.”

As you can see, I have a bit of work ahead of me to get pages together for all those on the list.  13 Christian Brothers or former Christian Brothers charged.  Thirteen!!!  I think but am not 100% sure that all Brothers and ex-Brothers charged were convicted.  I will  sort that out as I go through the list.

If anyone can pass on info on any of these men please get in touch.

Also, I have no idea what happened to the charges against that Francis Clancy, the retired electrician who worked for the Roman Catholic School Board.  He faced charges of buggery and gross indecency.  Does anyone know what happened there?

As you will see, I have added Brother Clement Aidan Murphy’s name to the list.  If anyone remembers him or knows anything about him would you please contact me?

By the way, I understand that there has already been a lawsuit in the States indentifying this Brother Murphy as a molester.   I will try to find out more.

Enough for now,


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1 Response to Good from evil?

  1. JG says:

    Simply brilliant,
    …that a mere “football” game, its board of directors’ actions in doing the right thing …should become an inspiration in a situation where others with “spiritual pretense” have failed for so long is just another proof of His mysterious ways…
    “Good ” is not only in one building, under one flag, in ones hopes and words…it is wherever we let it be and become…
    It overcomes all obstacles when we believe in its presence in our everyday actions…
    Every little bit of Love/Care we show and share and wish, cleanses our Lives of the “bad”…
    Believe it , feel it! Every abused child, whatever his age, who comes forward is healing us , not the other way around…Finally, they are turning on the lights in this “dark room”, one at a time…We should be thankful and eternally grateful to these mistreated “angels”…
    A University, a football team is reaching for our Spirit…while “the church” is still throwing the ball around!…
    Everything is possible…a door closes and the wind blows open a window!
    I say we stay tuned for the next game…!


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