What about the others?

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I think I have as much information together on Brother Ronald Justin Lasik as I can get right now.  The page is posted, with pictures and several documents.

This is a heart-breaking and terribly disturbing exercise.

I can not for the life of me understand why all of the charges against the Christian Brothers were from Mount Cashel. I know Brother Edward French was molesting at St. Bon’s.  What about the others?  What about the others who were convicted who were also at St. Bon’s and/or in schools throughout St. John’s?  What about the ones who were teaching at schools operated by the Christian Brothers across Canada and in the U.S?

It doesn’t make sense.  They molested boys at Mount Cashel and no where else?!  It  just usually does not work that way.

Anyway, I will carry on down the list.

Enough for now,



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