A mess from start to finish

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I finally got a page of information together on former Christian Brother John Evangelist Murphy 

What a dirty mess from start to finish.  

Look at the gyrations he went through to avoid prosecution.  He fought extradition from the US tooth and nail.

He was charged November 1996.  He was convicted 2004!!!  He actually tried to have the charges stayed claiming his Charter right to a speedy trial had been violated!  and he was the one doing all the foot dragging!  At least, thanks be to God, he didn’t get away with it.

This man was released on bail in 2000.  That’s a fact.  Despite his battle against extradition he was released on bail in the States with agreement to report weekly by phone ot the RNC (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary) and return to court in Newfoundland when required.

I am dumbfounded.

Then, when he was finally convicted, a 20 month conditional sentence.  20 month conditional sentence.  Can you believe it?!

Then, to cap it all off, Murphy was actually allowed to serve that slap in the back of the hand in the States – with no one in the states to supervise him and officials in Newfoundland conceding that little could be done to enfore his sentence!!!

To say I am dumbfounded at this misses the mark.  Floored!

I know.  I know.  The man had long ago left the Christian Brothers, presumably earned a stellar reputation as a teacher, and had married and fathered eight children.  But, what about justice?  And what about his victims?

Yes, I feel sorry for the wife and children, but it’s his doing, not ours, that he deceived them.  Or, perhaps they knew?  I really have no idea.  But, married or no, children are no, as far as I’m concerned a conditional sentence is a slap in the face, both to all of his victims and to the adminsitrarion of justice.

How audacious is this man?

Even after his conviction Murphy actually had the audacity to carry on as a lector at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Dolgeville, NY!

The whole thing is a mess.

Sgt. Wall, the RNC investigating officer initially did not lay charges on the allegations of four complainants because he felt “the liklihood of conviction would not be reached in a criminal court of law.”

He also concluded that because two of the complainants we biological brothers had discussed their allegations with themselves and others and that these conversations cast doubt on the reliability of their memories and raised the possibility of clollusion!!!

 Six months later, and after conversations with his superiors, Wall recommenced charges be laid.

But, the victims had to live through that, didn’t they?

How did they feel I wonder when they were told that charges would not be laid?

It’s hard not to look at whole mess without wondering why the kid gloves for Murphy.

Note that Murphy taught at St. Bon’s (St. Bonaventure College) for one year.  On faculty with him at the time were Brothers Ronald J. Lasik and Gerard K Barry.  Lasik and Barry were both,  like Murphy, later charged and convicted for sexual abuse of boys at Mount Cashel.

I will get information together on Brother Ronald Lasik next.

Enough for now,


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