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I have added the name and link to further information on Christian Brother Gerard Kevin Barry to the Accused page.

Also on the page is:

25 January 2001:  Gerard Kevin Barry v Her Majesty the Queen (Reasons for Judgment  – Newfoundland Court of Appeal – appeal of conviction and sentence denied)

Note that as a Christian Brother Barry taught at St. Bon’s (St. Bonaventure College) in St. John’s Newfoundland, and, from 1959-1964 at schools in Montreal and Victoria.  I don’t know if the schools in Montreal and Victoria were run by the Christian Brothers, but there is a good chance that they were.  St. Pius X opened in Montreal around 1959.  Did Barry wind up at St. Pius while Brother Edward French was Principal?    I don’t know.  There were other schools run by the Christian Brothers in Montreal so I suppose it could have been any of them?

And, what school was Barry teaching at in Victoria? Would it have been Saint Louis College?  The college was run by the Christian Brothers at that time so I think that may well have been it?

Note that after he left the Christian Brothers Barry taught in Ontario and Nova Scotia Barry was functioning as either Principal or Vice Principal in schools in Ontario and Nova Scotia.  I have no idea which towns or cities, and not a clue which schools.  Given his background there is a good chance that they were Catholic schools.

And, of interest is the fact that Brothers R.L. Lasik and J.E. Murphy are shown in the faculty picture with Barry in the 1951 St. Bon’s yearbook.  Both Lasik and Murphy were later charged charged and convicted for sexually abusing boys at Mount Cashel.

I will get pages together for Lasik and Murphy.

I know there were allegations reported against Brother French while he was at St. Bon’s: he was shuttled off to Montreal and then landed back in St. John’s at Mount Cashel.  But, what of Lasik and Murphys?  Were there allegations against Lasik and Murphy while they were at St. Bon’s?  Has anyone ever heard anything?

There’s something about this which isn’t sitting right.  I will keep putting the info together.

It bothers me that these fellows were all over the place teaching.  Was there any attempt during the Hughes inquiry to find out if there were victims in schools run by the Christian Brothers outside Newfoundland?  I wouldn’t expect them to investigate beyond Newfoundland, but were police in, say, Montreal and Victoria notified that these brothers had been teaching in those areas and therefore there would be a strong possibility of victims?   For that matter, was there any attempt right in St. John’s by the RNC to see if there were other victims at St. Bon’s? or, did the inquiry and police investigation focus solely on Mount Cashel?

Can you people in St. John’s and Newfoundland help me on this?  Meanwhile, I will pull out Unholy Orders (Michael Harris) to see if I can find anything there.  I will also browse through the Report from the Hughes Commission/inquiry  to see if there are answers there.


Two other articles of interest posted today:

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