Sincere apologies

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Brenda is off to Toronto tomorrow for Examination for Discovery of the Basilians and Father Michael Fallona csb.  Keep her in your prayers.


The preliminary hearing of Father Philip Jacobs continues in the Victoria courthouse tomorrow morning.  Jacqueline gave us a bird’s eye view of the proceedings on Monday.   If anyone is there tomorrow please give us an update,- but be sure not to violate the publication ban:  no reports on testimony, or evidence , or the identity or gender of the complainants.


An error on my part in yesterday’s blog.  I assumed that there was only one Brother Edward English.  I was reminded in fairly short order of what happens when one assumes. My sincere apologies for the error and confusion created by it.  A hard lesson learned.

I have since learned that the Brother English at St. Bon’s was a good man, described to me as “one of God’s chosen who remained faithful to the end.”  The last thing in the world I want to do is besmirch his name.

My apologies.  May he rest in peace.


As for the other Brother English, Brother Edward Patrick English, – I have posted a page with a quite a bit of information.  For those unfamiliar with the Mount Cashel cover-up, the articles here give a good idea of what an outrage that was.   Read and weep.  Those poor poor boys.

There is a little more to do on the page – I’ll get that taken care of tomorrow.  I also have a few articles set aside on Brother Harold Thorne – I will get that page together after finishing up English.

Enough for now


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2 Responses to Sincere apologies

  1. Rick Rightone says:

    Sincere apology or not…the damage is done and irreparable. The court should decide damages.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Rick, if you have fond memories of Brother Edward A English or anything you would like to tell us about him as one of the good Christian Brothers please pass it along to honour his memory and to remind us all that there were indeed good brothers.

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