Prelim starts tomorrow

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A reminder that the preliminary hearing for Father Philp Jacobs is scheduled to start tomorrow morning at 09:30 am in the Victoria courthouse, Victoria, B.C.(courtroom #201)

I encourage those who are within driving distance and free to do so to attend, both to support the complainants and their families and to hear the evidence and watch the process as it unfolds.

There will without doubt be a publication ban on the evidence, but at some point that ban will probably be lifted, usually after the case is resolved, either with a guilty plea, a conviction or an acquittal.

The publication ban will also protect the identities of the complainants.

As I have said elsewhere there is generally nothing to prevent reporters or the general public from reporting on Jacob’s attire from day to day, and his demeanour.   Ditto reporting on such things as the numbers of observers and the atmosphere both in and out of the courtroom. Ditto who is representing Jacobs, and the names of the Crown and judge

Please, as always, keep the complainants and their families in your prayers.  The courtroom is booked for four days.  These will be four very difficult days for all.

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