On to trial

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Basilian priest and former teacher at Ottawa’s St. Pius X High School Father Kenneth O’Keefe has waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

O’Keefe is committed to stand trial in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He has chosen to be tried by judge alone.

O’Keefe appeared at the Ottawa court house this morning accompanied by a fellow priest.  O’Keefe was in good cheer, chatting to anyone and everyone and telling them that he used to teach at St. Joseph’s in Ottawa, and advising all that he is now 83-years-of-age and asking those gathered outside the courtroom if they thought he looked 83? (none did)

He didn’t look the least concerned about his pending court appearance, and,  in  fact, quite revelled in the company of his supporters.  He reminds me very much of Father Paul Lapierre – that same sort of affable, charming, personality.

Father Lapierre of course was eventually convicted, a reminder to all that affability and charm are no measure of innocence.

It may be a while before we find if Father O’Keefe is guilty as charged.  His case is now starting to wind its way toward trial through the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  I understand that it could easily take a year or more to get to trial.

Father O’Keefe’s lawyer, by the way, is none other than Andrew J Bradie.  Bradie represented the recently convicted Basilian Father William Hodgson Marshall csb:  He also represented Fathers Leo Charron and Cameron MacLean, both priests from the Diocese of London, Ontario.  Brady didn’t get these three off, but he did mange to whittle away charges and keep the damage done to his clients to a minimum.

Bradie is travelling all the way to Ottawa to defend O’Keefe.  The Basilians must feel the cost is a worthwhile investment?

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2 Responses to On to trial

  1. Michael McCauley says:

    “Father Lapierre of course was eventually convicted, a reminder to all that affability and charm are no measure of innocence.”

    One case has nothing to do with the other. Here’s a thought. You didn’t bother to proof read the above post. You must be illiterate. Can you find the mistake?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Please feel free to edit for me any time Michael. I will not be insulted. In fact if you run through Sylvia’s Site I’m sure you’ll find more than enough typos to keep you busy sending me corrections and me busy correcting.

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